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Pop and Sizzle Update

I think we fared about as well as I could hope.

Most of the damage from the lightning strike  was to Verizon’s equipment. We had to call them back a second time because they had enabled internet and tv access but not the phone, which we didn’t think to check at the time. They had to replace components in our garage and in their main “box” at the back of our yard.

However, Ethernet is definitely dead on my Mac Mini and that’s likely a damaged motherboard. I’ve canceled my appointment at the Apple Store but will ask them about it when I bring in my younger daughter’s laptop for an appointment this week. WiFi is still working on the Mini but it’s not as fast as Ethernet.

I’m still moving forward on my project and have been posting some teaser pics on 117Prims. The first houses should be for sale on the SL Marketplace later this week.


Back to the business of blogging

It’s nice to have a real avatar again, instead of a floating particle ghost. Here’s some of the backlog of finds that I wanted to share with you! This may well be one of the prettiest hunt prizes I’ve ever seen – the Seldom Blue Evangeline Golden Gown from the Iconically Sexy Summer Hunt. The Tuli Audrey skin is also from the same hunt. The hair is Truth Midori Hair in Blood, and the pose is by Glitterati.

Yes, Horatia’s hands are hidden in the skirt, but with a skirt this wide, it was unavoidable unless I used a pose that either spread the arms out wide, above, or held somewhere in the chest area! IRL, if one was wearing this dress, any time the hands were below the waist, they’d likely be hidden in the skirt.

You’ll be seeing more backgrounds like this, because I was looking for some dark Victorian-themed houses and skyboxes as well as furniture  (not necessarily easy to find; perhaps I will do a sampling over at 117prims in the near future). This skybox is called  The Victorian Room, from Noesis, and it’s available on XStreetSL for only $75L. It’s 31 prims, and the walls have a menu to switch between 6 different wallpaper textures.

ABomb featured this purple lace over black fabric dress in this week’s Humpday Madness.  The detail on this outfit is really beautiful, and it even flowed nicely as it moved.  Also featured is alaMood Dream Ice Jewelry from last weekend’s Lazy Sunday,  A Netherworld’s MoonShadow Skins – Gigli Pale /Purple from Woeful Wednesday,  DbT Valerie Black Satin Boudoir Shoes, and Clawtooth Lovely Liz Hair in Brown. Pose: NSA.

I’ve featured MangoMango‘s skins quite a bit in my blogs. While the Vamp line is  extremely pale, and therefore it’s difficult to do a lot of shading in the texture, I’ve always liked the illustrative quality of these skins.  Three of the newest Vamp Skins were on sale earlier this week for $69L each…featured here is the Jelly Vamp Skin. The hair is another one available at Truth‘s sale –  Vera in Cranberry. The lovely dress and jewelry is PP Petal Diamonds Dress (from Woeful Wednesday this week). The boots are Malfean Visions Admiral’s Stilettos. Pose by Shopaholics Anonymous.

Pretty, low prim and low price…can we have it all? #2

Sher’s Cottage Gardens
Cottage Gardens Island, Cassiopeia Shores

Inside one of the cottages...everything here is for sale.

The gardens (and the cottages you’ll find as you walk along the twisting path) are the store! Just about everything is for sale here…if you see a plant or tree that you like, it’s likely 1) low prim and 2) fairly inexpensive. There’s lots of low prim furniture as well – mainly pastel cottage style (garden colors, naturally!).

My Linden Homes Odyssey, part 1

I debated and debated with myself for weeks before deciding to get a Linden Home. It seemed appropriate to get a home in SL after participating for a while, and I really wanted someplace stable to park a few things and set up photography for my blog.

I knew what I wanted…some living space and some place for the photo studio. Hopefully some privacy to change clothes, and not just one big open room.

There are currently four themed communities with Linden Homes: a suburban community (Meadowbrook), a fantasy theme (Elderglen), a rustic A-Frame home area (Tahoe), and a Japanese-themed neighborhood (Shareta Osumai). Looking over my choices, I ruled out Elderglen at once. The houses seemed very small and full of fantasy-type architectural features (nothing at all against that, but it just wasn’t my choice). For some reason, Meadowbrook was only showing two available models, both one story…even though there were lots of two story models on the sim (availability at the time?).

I wasn’t sure I’d like the more rustic Tahoe or the Japanese homes, so my first attempt was with the L-shaped one story Meadowbrook home Quad. Upon entering the home, I realized that the one large room really wasn’t what I wanted. So I abandoned the home and tried again. This time the only Meadowbrook home available was Loftroom, with the second room slightly elevated and two pools. The pools seemed like a waste of prims and space to me, and I really wanted more usable space, so I abandoned this home and tried again.

The next time, since there was nothing other than what I’d already tried in Meadowbrook, I focused on the Tahoe selections. The houses all seemed alike, so I picked the one with the color scheme I liked the best (Willow). I got into the house and realized it was one room, with a very high ceiling. I wondered if I could build a loft. And I realized…the Meadowbrook homes had more features, like track lighting and window blinds. With all the windows in the A-Frame styles I’d have to do something about privacy. And I didn’t like the fireplace, which was more like a cheap wood stove.

I found a low-prim loft for a good price on XLStreet, and proceeded to unpack it in the home. Oops…wrong size (found out later on it was made for Cedar, which had different dimensions). Difficult to re-size something that large inside a home, too.

Finally I just gave up. I always had doubts that the Tahoe lifestyle was going to be for me…just too rustic. I abandoned this home and tried again.

This time there was nothing left in Meadowbrook; it didn’t even come up in the selections. Since I’d already ruled out the fantasy homes in Elderglen, that left the Japanese houses in Shareta Osumai. Like the A-frame styles they all appeared to be single rooms. Perhaps, I reasoned, the ceilings would be high enough for a loft. Upon entering my new House of Kaze model, I realized one really big issue: no windows. And I really didn’t like the tatami mat floors. Oops…this one was out.

On my fifth attempt, Meadowbrook was still missing from the selections. I’d re-read the info about the loft I’d purchased and decided to try the model it was designed for, Cedar. The fireplace was more to my taste, and the loft did fit, but I still didn’t really like the A-Frame style…and it bothered me that Linden was putting things like lights into homes in Meadobrook, but not other neighborhoods.

This time, I determined that I would wait to get another Linden Home till there was one available in Meadowbrook (or a similar neighborhood) with two stories, multiple rooms, nice fireplace, etc. When I tried again a few days later, wow, Meadowbrook was back in the selection list, and this time, there were 3 or 4 styles that fit what I wanted.

So…it took a while, but I have found the home I wanted…it’s a Grayson model. And, even better, it is located two rows away from the ocean, and on the other side, a row away from the hillside. I’ve converted the pool to a garden and planted some one-prim flower bushes. The first photo studio I rezed fit with space to spare in the large area of the second floor. And now I’m working on finding the right low prim furnishings for my space.

The ocean view from my balcony.

Converted the pool into a garden; then added one prim floral bushes.

The lounge chair I bought as part of the set yesterday is stll more prims than I'd like, but I have to relax sometime!

Pretty, low prim and low price…can we have it all?

I’m in the midst of furnishing a Linden Home (more on that later) and having a challenge getting everything I want to do in the low prim limit. I’m looking for interesting furniture that is low prim AND low price AND interesting/pretty.

One place I’ve recently discovered is GH Creations. They feature furniture in a variety of prints as well as low pixels. I purchased a sofa, loveseat, chair combo for $L200 – not cheap but nowhere near the cost I’ve seen at a lot of other places. The pieces can be purchased in either tweed, Victorian print, or leather color-change combos. GH also has sculpted table lamps and floor lamps for $L100.

Teleport to GH Creations