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Romantic retro

Finding some bottoms to go with this new retro-influenced Madeline Top in Teal from Pixel Dolls (available at the main store) was a bit of a challenge, but the Ivalde Misha Black Leggings in my inventory fit perfectly with the top.

Skin: Filthy Girl AQ Filthy Glam in Dusk, Hair: Magika Kaylee Hair in Auburn,  Necklace: Mynerva Victoian Cog Necklace ($10L Special at Black and Blue Fair), Pose by estetica


I <3 vintage styles

There are very few eras in fashion that I really don’t like (I didn’t think I’d ever come to be nostalgic for the clothing of the 1980’s but even those styles now appeal to me again). So it comes as no surprise that I love finding Vintage styles in SL…vintage from just about any era. While checking out the sales on Second Style Island this last weekend, I came upon a lovely dress at Ingenue in a beautiful rose pink. And while searching to find bottoms for some of the great tops I’d picked up at the Black and Blue Fair (see note below), I found this great batik skirt on XStreetSL.com. The designer has a number of similar skirts at very reasonable prices.

Left –  Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Tawny (join subscribo for a pack of basic pumps in many colors), Skin: Angie Gift Skin from Second Style Island, Hair: Posh Push and Shove Hair in Carrot (former Project Themeory), Dress: Ingenue Ella Rose, on sale at Second Style Island

Right – Shirt: Exodi Imani Tee in Indigo (from Black and Blue Fair), Shoes: BM Stiletto Sandals Bow Olive Yellow, Skin: Angie Gift Skin from Second Style Island, Hair: Posh Viscous hypnosis hair in ash red (past Project Themeory), Skirt: Batik Skirt in Koi from XStreetSL
Pose from Honey and Vinegar (new store, individual poses $15L)

Note on the Black and Blue Fair-I understand there was some controversy this weekend over whether or not people misunderstood and believed that it  was a fund-raising event for charity. I apologize for any misconception my own posts may have caused. In regards to the one mental health charity that I did highlight, please note that there was an item at the fair which spotlighted this charity (the To  Write Love on Her Arms tattoo). I simply wanted to take the opportunity to also spotlight this (IMO) very worthy group.  There was information about other groups at the fair as well (like the hotlines) but this was done (at least, I think this was done) in a very low key informational manner.

I  hope that the effort to raise awareness about mental health issues will continue in Second Life.  I would love to also see fundraisers for groups like To Write Love on Her Arms!

Poses and more poses

No new pix this morning. Apparently Google docs ate the picture that I attempted to upload there for safekeeping early this morning. We had a late night last nigh IRL, and I was having some Linden Home problems as well (the good news there is that SL Support did respond fairly quickly when I contacted them via chat). It’s very distressing to use the SL-supplied link to teleport to your Linden Home only to find yourself in the “basement” and unable to get to the “first floor.”

So, in lieu of the planned picture, let me just give you a little scoop. This is a good week for picking up poses in Second Life. Not only are there the poses from Vivaposes and estetica available at the Black and Blue Fair (open to the public at 4pm SLT today!!!) but also I discovered yesterday that Posers4Posers is going out of business and all poses are heavily discounted.

Five great things you’ll find at the Black and Blue Fair

  1. Great fashion looks from high couture to goth and grunge.
  2. Skins, skins, skins!
  3. Lots of pretty jewelry.
  4. Oodles of poses from estetica, and they’re all low priced!
  5. The $10L and under section! Wowie!

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Alexohl Moonshine Dress, Mango Mango Wild Rose Pale Skin, Twisted and Spoiled Heart Jewelry Set, estetica pose
Not from fair: BDR Antonella Hair in Magenta (XStreetSL freebie), Ezura Bobow Pumps in Red

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Magika The in Auburn Red Hair, III Romanica Pants and Latica Corset, III Pearls are for Girls Necklace, estetica pose
Not from Fair:  JZ Design Minx Denim Shoes

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Magika Jenny Hair Brown in Sienna (includes Hat), Indie Rose BBF Mini Dress and Jacket in Black, Schismphrenic ES Blue Lolita Pinup Rita Skin, estetica pose
Not from fair:  Ezura Bobow Pumps in Red

Black and Blue Fair: love on her arms…

To Write Love on Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery. You can find out more at http://www.twloha.com

From the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…

To Write Love on Her Arms Tattoo, Magika Poof Cedar Red Hair, IF Love Today T-Shirt Dress, A&M Holed Legging, Mango Mango Wild Rose Pale Skin, estetica pose
Not from the fair:  Tuty’s Black Leather Boots (XStreetSL freebie), Just Me Funny Bow Necklace Grey (XStreetSL Freebie)

Black and Blue…

When I heard that there was going to be a fashion event coming up in Second Life with the theme of raising awareness about mental health issues, I really wanted to get on the bandwagon and help publicize it. It’s very appropriate that this is my first opportunity as a blogger to publicize an event prior to launch.

Raising awareness about mental illness is an issue very near and dear to my heart. I have been challenged with mood and anxiety disorders for most of my life and my dear husband struggles with a mood disorder as well. Our older daughter was diagnosed with early-onset bipolar disorder (after being misdiagnosed with ADHD). I am so thankful that her condition was recognized several years ago when many doctors did not understand that bipolar in children manifests differently than in adults. Today she is a stable college student, looking forward to a future that when she was twelve we doubted she could ever have.

Recently, our younger daughter, who is now 17, came forward to let us know that she has an eating disorder.  A concerned youth leader at our church recognized from her own experience the danger signs and and helped my daughter recognize the seriousness of her situation. We’ve just begun what could be a long road to restoration of health for my younger daughter, but I’m trilled to say that she’s responding well to treatment.

Over the years I have learned much about mental heath conditions. Previously, I didn’t realize that “mental” illness was really physical illness with mood and behavioral symptoms. I wasn’t alone in my assumptions…and even today, with much research and evidence to show that it’s not “all in our heads” many people still have serious misconceptions about mental illness. Those misconceptions can prevent many people from seeking out treatment that could save their lives.

The Black and Blue Fair opens on June 4th. You can find more information at: http://www.trashfashblog.com/. One really neat thing about this event is in addition to regular priced items, there is a whole section of $10L and less items. Most of the items in this picture are from that section.

Items from fair: Adam n Eve Catwalk Collection Leather Jacket in Black, My Mojo Scarf, Dischevelled Heart Hair and Skin, Aleocol Black and Blue Fair Cheapie Leggings. Not from Fair: Mielle Sculpeted Shoe in Black and EB Prims and Poses Pose.