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BoHo HoBo #2: boho fashion

Recapping from my earlier post: I went to BoHo HoBo earlier this week after reading about the shop on Alicia Chenaux’s blog.> I absolutely fell in love with the clothes, and proceeds go to community-based education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially focused on girls, via the Central Asia Institute. Yesterday I blogged about a yummy crushed velvet frock coat and a coordinating mini dress…today I’m focusing on separates.

Above is the BoHo Hobo Boatneck T in Olive and the BoHo HoBo Teal Quark Leggings with Hip Scarf.
Also featured: Ploom Ashly Hair in Carrot Cake,$GaNKeD$ Suri Jewelry Set in Peacock, Loveme Flat Shoes in Blue from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival and Pacadi Skin Hypnose in Apple 1a. Pose by Glitterati

Above: BoHo Hobo Banjara Long Skirt and Halter. Also featured: $GaNKeD$ Lovely Hair in Cherry, Mariposa Jewels Augmentation Bracelet in Black/Pink (free), Loveme Flat Shoes in Pink Cotton Candy from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival, SIGMA Jewels Inlay Pendant in Mauve, and Cupcakes Embrace Cameo June Skin. Pose by LAP


BoHo HoBo #1: The Frock Coat

When I read Alicia Chenaux’s blog post about BoHo HoBo on Tuesday, I knew it would be the sort of place I’d like. I was wrong. The moment I teleported into the place, I was in love. It’s a beautiful store, and the proceeds go to a fantastic cause – community-based education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially focused on girls – all proceeds go to the Central Asia Institute. I didn’t realize till I went to the web site that this was the organization founded by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea (one of my mom’s favorite books!).

And the clothes! Eastern inspired hoho chic! All those beautiful jewel tone colors. This is the first of several posts featuring clothing from the store. I wandered around and clicked till I could click no more! The first thing that caught my eye was these yummy crushed velvet frock coats. Immediately I thought of….the Third Doctor…and the Eighth Doctor….who tended more along these lines style-wise. Then I realized that my favorite of the coats was…purple, and I thought, yeah, Prince, circa Purple Rain era.

I went to Wikipedia and found the definition of a frock coat. Here is part of it:

A frock coat is a man’s coat characterised by knee-length skirts all around the base, popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. The double-breasted style is sometimes called a Prince Albert (after the consort to Queen Victoria). The frock coat is a fitted, long-sleeved coat with a centre vent at the back…

Of course, I needed to put my own spin on this beautiful coat, so instead of pairing it with the included mini dress (a very early 1970’s look), I paired it with a black jacquard top, black leggings, and buckled black boots.

Also featured: Mango Mango Vamp Spring Skin,  Duh! Women’s Pirate Boot in Black. Lamb Sleepyhead hair in Sun-Dried Tomato. Violet Voltaire  Melancholy Necklace in Black. Top from PiselDolls Marie Dress in Black. Vive Wait Listed Leggings in Abyss (no longer available). Pose by Glitterati.

The included mini dress is really cute as well!

Also featured: VG Spandex Tight in Black, Baby Monkey Malia Boot in Black, LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace, Lamb Dog Roses Hair in Kit Kat (includes Hat). Pose by Glitterati.

The dress and coat together are $175L. Mini dresses are available separately for $75L.