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Horatia takes a stand against bullying…

So, apparently today is something called “Spirit Day” and everyone is supposed to wear purple in order to call attention to a number of recent suicides occurring in  young people who were bullied specifically regarding their sexual orientation. And recently, an event opened in Second Life in support of adding goths to a list of protected groups in hate crimes legislation in the U.K.

Asa you can see, I’m not wearing purple right now. And it’s not because I’m somehow in favor of bullying. Quite the opposite.

People are bullied for so many reasons. Why is it that only some reasons get focused upon? Yes, in both these examples people lost their lives, and that is so very significant.

However, isn’t bullying just wrong…period?

Not only when someone is gay or goth, but….also that time that kids in the first grade figured out one of their classmates was an easy target, and made sure the other kid had no one to play with at recess. Or the department  manager that made an intern work unpaid overtime upon threat of losing his job.  Or the two middle school kids who realized a classmate was naive about drugs, and decided to have a little “fun.” Or the male coworkers who sexually harassed a barely-out-of-high-school young girl with a curvaceous figure. The executive who manipulated and schemed against fellow employees in order to gain more power for himself.  The  popular girls who decide to see just how far they can make a classmate go in inappropriate behavior if they hold the bait of friendship over her head. All the times when someone is emotionally battered and bruised but not fully broken…those count, too.

Maybe it’s time to stop highlighting special cases and simply stand up against bullying…period. Don’t tolerate the intolerable, even when no one is “seriously hurt.”

In case anyone is still around after the speech, here’s the outfit credits.

The wonderful Halloween Dress and Ruffle Bolero is a gift from G Field. The boots are a Hump Day Madness special from Rose River Saloon The hair is Amacci Hair Anette in Red Auburn.  The skin is Moonshadow Skins – Lia Goth – Cateye from A Netherworld.  Pose by Tea.


Horatia <3s fall, part 1

Oh, I do love the bright, dark colors that pop up in stores every year in August and September.  In Second Life, I’m all too ready to move on from summer attire as well. Here’s a couple of fall looks that I pulled together over the weekend.

fore Lau top in Bronze and Laze zip leggings in Black
E Banded Ankle Boot (SLURL to come)
Dark Mouse Fossil Wood Jewelry in Copper (Project Donate)
OC Georgina Skin – Lips to Kiss, $10L Special
Lynne Hair in Charcoal (Hair Fair – still hunting down vendor)
Pose by Still Life

ARRRUGH! Just realized that this pix had my avatar’s arms coming up through the collar of this very cute dress (this is what happens when you start editing photos AFTER you’ve already taken Ambien, folks)! I’m going to post it anyhow, in case the $60L price is still posted at the store.  The pack includes the dress in two colors – gray and purple, and the ankle boots too!

Eluzion Orellana Dress  ($60L Weekend)
MangoMango SLT Red Pale Skin
Clawtooth Hair Summer Fade in Soil
fri.day Basic Leggings in Black
Pose by Tea

Pictures Taken at Calas Galadhon

Back to the business of blogging

It’s nice to have a real avatar again, instead of a floating particle ghost. Here’s some of the backlog of finds that I wanted to share with you! This may well be one of the prettiest hunt prizes I’ve ever seen – the Seldom Blue Evangeline Golden Gown from the Iconically Sexy Summer Hunt. The Tuli Audrey skin is also from the same hunt. The hair is Truth Midori Hair in Blood, and the pose is by Glitterati.

Yes, Horatia’s hands are hidden in the skirt, but with a skirt this wide, it was unavoidable unless I used a pose that either spread the arms out wide, above, or held somewhere in the chest area! IRL, if one was wearing this dress, any time the hands were below the waist, they’d likely be hidden in the skirt.

You’ll be seeing more backgrounds like this, because I was looking for some dark Victorian-themed houses and skyboxes as well as furniture  (not necessarily easy to find; perhaps I will do a sampling over at 117prims in the near future). This skybox is called  The Victorian Room, from Noesis, and it’s available on XStreetSL for only $75L. It’s 31 prims, and the walls have a menu to switch between 6 different wallpaper textures.

ABomb featured this purple lace over black fabric dress in this week’s Humpday Madness.  The detail on this outfit is really beautiful, and it even flowed nicely as it moved.  Also featured is alaMood Dream Ice Jewelry from last weekend’s Lazy Sunday,  A Netherworld’s MoonShadow Skins – Gigli Pale /Purple from Woeful Wednesday,  DbT Valerie Black Satin Boudoir Shoes, and Clawtooth Lovely Liz Hair in Brown. Pose: NSA.

I’ve featured MangoMango‘s skins quite a bit in my blogs. While the Vamp line is  extremely pale, and therefore it’s difficult to do a lot of shading in the texture, I’ve always liked the illustrative quality of these skins.  Three of the newest Vamp Skins were on sale earlier this week for $69L each…featured here is the Jelly Vamp Skin. The hair is another one available at Truth‘s sale –  Vera in Cranberry. The lovely dress and jewelry is PP Petal Diamonds Dress (from Woeful Wednesday this week). The boots are Malfean Visions Admiral’s Stilettos. Pose by Shopaholics Anonymous.

BoHo HoBo #1: The Frock Coat

When I read Alicia Chenaux’s blog post about BoHo HoBo on Tuesday, I knew it would be the sort of place I’d like. I was wrong. The moment I teleported into the place, I was in love. It’s a beautiful store, and the proceeds go to a fantastic cause – community-based education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially focused on girls – all proceeds go to the Central Asia Institute. I didn’t realize till I went to the web site that this was the organization founded by Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea (one of my mom’s favorite books!).

And the clothes! Eastern inspired hoho chic! All those beautiful jewel tone colors. This is the first of several posts featuring clothing from the store. I wandered around and clicked till I could click no more! The first thing that caught my eye was these yummy crushed velvet frock coats. Immediately I thought of….the Third Doctor…and the Eighth Doctor….who tended more along these lines style-wise. Then I realized that my favorite of the coats was…purple, and I thought, yeah, Prince, circa Purple Rain era.

I went to Wikipedia and found the definition of a frock coat. Here is part of it:

A frock coat is a man’s coat characterised by knee-length skirts all around the base, popular during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. The double-breasted style is sometimes called a Prince Albert (after the consort to Queen Victoria). The frock coat is a fitted, long-sleeved coat with a centre vent at the back…

Of course, I needed to put my own spin on this beautiful coat, so instead of pairing it with the included mini dress (a very early 1970’s look), I paired it with a black jacquard top, black leggings, and buckled black boots.

Also featured: Mango Mango Vamp Spring Skin,  Duh! Women’s Pirate Boot in Black. Lamb Sleepyhead hair in Sun-Dried Tomato. Violet Voltaire  Melancholy Necklace in Black. Top from PiselDolls Marie Dress in Black. Vive Wait Listed Leggings in Abyss (no longer available). Pose by Glitterati.

The included mini dress is really cute as well!

Also featured: VG Spandex Tight in Black, Baby Monkey Malia Boot in Black, LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace, Lamb Dog Roses Hair in Kit Kat (includes Hat). Pose by Glitterati.

The dress and coat together are $175L. Mini dresses are available separately for $75L.

Still opening gifts!

I’m still overloaded with going through all the weekend goodies. My inventory is also overflowing, so last night I focused on going through one of my folders – the goth clothing folder – and removing anything that was either 1) really poorly made stuff that I got those first few days in SL, or 2) stuff much too extreme for me to wear (way into little-girl Loli goth, etc.). Between the folder discards and the existing items in trash, I got rid of 2000 items last night, but I’m still up around 28,000 in inventory.

Here is a dress from yesterday, and one from this weekend.

Dress: Lemania Indigo Happy Mommy’s Day Gift Dress (includes shoes)
Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Alabaster – Sultry Skin (not new)
Hair: Dark Mouse Alix in Black Raspberry
Pose by au Soliel (from inventory)
Dress: #407 Weatherby’s Franny Dress in Purple (Monday Group Gift Dress)
Boots: GField Short Lace Up Boots in Lavender (promotion a couple of weeks ago)
Necklace: GaNKeD Darkcircle Necklace in Violet (from inventory)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Carla Wavy Strawberry (Mother’s Day Gift)
Skin: Dutch Touch isiS Cotton Liner Red skin (Free for VIP Group Members).

Pose: not sure, but I think this was one of the Vogue poses from NSA (free gift at The Deck last weekend).