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Closing sales

It’s always sad to see shops closing in Second Life. Hopefully some of the designers for the shops  listed below will find a way to bring their designs to SL residents in the future…

Where? Crimson + Clover
What? Goth-influenced skins and hair
How Much? $50L for individual colors/tones
Ending Date? Don’t know

Where? Phoenix Rising
What? Designer gowns, lingere, dresses, and mens/womens sportswear
How Much? $25L for individual items; discount rack/retired/one-of-a-kind items $1L
Ending Date? October 30

Where? [dekade]
What? Skins
How Much? $300L single tones, $600L fatpacks
Ending Date? November 14

Where? Prelude’s Foyer
(sim closing; sale also at Clairiere Boutique and Freckles Designs)
What? Mainly dresses and formals, some sportswear; Freckles Designs has skins
How Much? $50L except fatpacks
Ending Date? October 26


Jill Closing Sale + Platinum Hunt + Vinyl Cafe giftie

I haven’t been a major fan of the clothing at  Jill, but wow, handing out freebies when your store is closing is a very nice “thank you” to your customers. And what is not free is heavily marked down. Hurry over, because the store is closing August 11th.  The outfit on the left is one of three freebies. The top on the right (with scarf) is only $50L.

Also featured: ploom Dot Hair from Platinum Hunt, Vinyl Cafe Group Gift Shoes, HeartSick skin from the Platinum Hunt.  Pose by Doll.

This week goodies: low Linden$ clothing, skin, hair

Wow, between the Cupcakes sim Bake Sale, the Zombie Popcorn Carnival, and Mango Mango’s $50L and $69L  midweek specials, I have so many new skins this week that I doubt I’ll even come close to blogging them all.

L’Abel Geovana Black Floral Dress (not sure if the sale is still on)
Junwave Ayano Dark Brown Hair (sale)
Cupcakes Darling Moon Retro Skin (from the Bake Sale earlier this week)

Isn’t this retro floral sundress beautiful? There were about 4 or 5 different floral prints available in this dress at the Cupcakes sim Bake Sale on Monday, for only $50L.  Sure hope they continue the sales every Monday!

Cupcakes Spring Corset Dress in Floral Showers (from the Bake Sale earlier this week)
Duh Spring Flats in Rose (from the Strawberry Festival)
FG Bright Petite Flower Necklace (from XStreetSL.com)
Mango Mango Vamp Spring Skin with Freckles ($50L, not sure for how long)
Junwave Minami Apricot Brown Hair (sale )

Dark Mouse in Etheria

I actually went to the Etheria grand opening on Sunday, including the fashion show. It happened to be dinnertime on the East Coast of the US, though, which meant I was running back and forth between the computer and the kitchen. There were a lot of items that I loved, although the price tag was a little high for my budget. I may go back and pick up a few things later. One thing that was really neat was the gifts that kept arriving in my inventory during the opening. I don’t remember other events doing that, so it was a pleasant surprise.

Dark Mouse features  some of my favorite jewelry designs in Second Life. Whenever the store participates in a weekly promotion, I try to get over there and pick up what’s featured (I like the new clothing and the hair as well).  I really made a beeline for the Dark Mouse items featured at the Etheria event. I’ve got more to show but here’s a start. The rest of the items are not from the event.

Dark Mouse Heart Stone Earirngs and Necklace in Gold from Etheria
Skin: JeSyLiLO JESY Free Gift Pale Shade J4
Tee*fy Chalk Dress in Summer (new this weekend from the Dressing Room Blue)
Posh Push and Shove Hair in Carrot

Pose by dfo

Dark Mouse Found Things Earrings and Necklace
SLC Couture Group Gift Dress
Amacci Hair Alli in Dark Copper
Elise Skin
Pose by DiselWorks

So many sales, so little time

Beyond the typical weekly promotions, there are a lot of noteworthy sales going on right now in SL shops. I’ve already been to several of them and hope to blog some of my finds in the next day or two.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Urbanity 50% Off Sale
  • Mischief retiring older items on XStreetSL for $30L (outfits and fatpacks).
  • Dirty Word Closing Sale, 50L or less, with fatpacks for 200L….runs till May 23rd (I think)
  • AQUA Moving Sale, items priced $50L or less…runs till May 27th.
  • Seldom Blue 3000 Subscriber Celebration Sale, $50L selected outfits. Runs till May 22nd.
  • Indie Rose Sale – $50L on selected items. Runs through May 22nd.
  • Nomine Sale – $50L selected clothing, 50% selected skins and accessories. Runs through May 21.
  • Muze Closing sale, all outfits $10L (runs till ?)
  • Haven’t confirmed this yet, but Sn@tch may still have out all the previous Humpday items for $69L
  • Ordinary (shoes) 50% off Sale