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Ivalde and L’Abel with two sides of Lamb

Neferia Abel is one of the most consistent fashion designers in SL as far as vision and style, IMO. For those who don’t know, Neferia has two brands…Ivalde is pure vintage and historical styles, and L’Abel is contemporary clothing that usually has a vintage influence.  Each brand is included in a featured event this week. For Fashionably Late, Neferia has featured a delicate grey early 1960s-inspired dress called “Joan” (cue obvious Mad Men reference) under the Ivalde label. For Moody Monday,  L’Abel features a sweet top and capri set that hints at both country and regency influences (put that bodice on a long dress, and you’d pass for one of the Bennett sisters’ friends). I’m personally thrilled to see Neferia tempering the country influences because I haven’t been as thrilled with the “farmer girl” leanings of her latest L’Abel designs in the Summer Country Chic Collection. Hopefully, this is asign that the brand will be moving, at least a little, away from that.

Matched with these outfits are some high-quality freebies. Run, don’t walk, to Lamb and pick up the two freebie hair fatpacks available for a limited time.  The Lindsay Angel Pale skin was a Lucky Board prize at Mambo Chic.

Poses by Still Life.



Platinum Hunt preview! So much to show you! So little time!

You say that you’re exhausted from the SL Home and Garden Hunt, and attempting to slog through the No Strings Attached Hunt, and the Ink’d Hunt, and a half dozen others right now? Well file away your semi-completed hunts in folders, honey, ’cause the Big Daddy Hunt of them all is opening August 8th, and you’re going to want to be able to focus on this one!

The Platinum Hunt will feature 100 top name designers and looks to push the boundaries of hunting as we know it. Items will be of a high quality from the top known brands set to sell at 10L.  The hunt begins on August 8th and runs through August 31st.

Yes, the hunt items aren’t free, or even a dollarbe. They are $10L each. $10L for Skins from Glam Affair, Slutcookie, MonS, CandyDoll, Dekade…$10L for beautiful gowns from Adam n Eve and  Son1a, and for shorterdressy outfits and costumes from Purple Moon, Izzies, Reale, and more. Casual cothing from Atomic, DeeTaleZ, Boho, Slink, Ducknipple, Alexchol, TuttiFruuittiii, and more. Hair from Posh and Magmika. Jewelry from ICED, Alyssa Bijous, and more. It’s a big hunt, at least 50 itesm, and everyone I’ve unpacked is worth far more than $50L.

Here’s my first sneak preview of what you’ll find….

Adam n Eve Vanessa Dress (also has short skirt version)
Dahlinks Center of All things 2010 Necklace
Magika Diamond Hair in Chocolate
Mango!Mango! Smoked Pale Skin (not from hunt)
Pose from Glitterati (not from hunt)

Son!a Cassandra Emerald Dress
Son!a Cassandra Emerald Jewelry
Magika Diamond Hair in Dark Auburn
Dekade Brooke II Sunkissed Skin
Pose by Doll

Purple Moon Gator Dress in Platinum (includes necklace)
Slutcookie The Platinum Hunt Skin in Starlett
Phoenix Rising Jeweled Flower Flats (not from hunt)
Fascino Gorg Hair in HazelBerry (not from Hunt)

Pose by Doll

Posh Hair Rosie in Platinum
Reale Dancing Star Dress
Heart and Sole Sassy Platinum Shoe
Rockberry Kallista Platinum Hunt Light Skin
Pose by Doll

BoHo HoBo #2: boho fashion

Recapping from my earlier post: I went to BoHo HoBo earlier this week after reading about the shop on Alicia Chenaux’s blog.> I absolutely fell in love with the clothes, and proceeds go to community-based education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially focused on girls, via the Central Asia Institute. Yesterday I blogged about a yummy crushed velvet frock coat and a coordinating mini dress…today I’m focusing on separates.

Above is the BoHo Hobo Boatneck T in Olive and the BoHo HoBo Teal Quark Leggings with Hip Scarf.
Also featured: Ploom Ashly Hair in Carrot Cake,$GaNKeD$ Suri Jewelry Set in Peacock, Loveme Flat Shoes in Blue from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival and Pacadi Skin Hypnose in Apple 1a. Pose by Glitterati

Above: BoHo Hobo Banjara Long Skirt and Halter. Also featured: $GaNKeD$ Lovely Hair in Cherry, Mariposa Jewels Augmentation Bracelet in Black/Pink (free), Loveme Flat Shoes in Pink Cotton Candy from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival, SIGMA Jewels Inlay Pendant in Mauve, and Cupcakes Embrace Cameo June Skin. Pose by LAP

Vidal sale and MangoMango free skin

This delightful little sundress is available right now at Vidal for only $50L,  in several spring colors. I’ve partnered it (again) with the Baby Monkey Summer Wedge Shoe (the blue and green version, it’s changeable to one of several  colors). The Mango Mango skin was sent out free to group members (another reminder that some of the skin store groups are worthwhile members of your limited group slots!).  I’ve added one of the Junwave sale hairs to the outfit, because updos and frilly sundresses just seem to go together well.

Take a look around Vidal while you are there – many other items are on sale, and there’s a peach glitter strapless dress for only $1L.

Vidal Daisy Sundress
Junwave Mikako Dark Brown Hair
Baby Monkey Summer Wedge Shoe
Mango Mango Sileny’s 3rd Rezday Gift Skin
Pose by DieselWorks

Pink sale, and Mischief XStreetSL sale

My take on Pink’s $50L sale:  some cute items here, not run-of-the mill. Very youthful as you can see by the two looks below. I also considered buying a jumpsuit that was like a close fitting overall but wasn’t sure how it would have fit on an actual avatar. One very minor quibble…I’d like to have seen simple items like T-shirts at a lower price point.

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Hair: kik Mariko II hair
Dress: Pink Cabana Dress in pink

Dress: Pink Blossom Babydoll in Bright Blue
Skin: (not sure where it’s from, maybe  one of the Glam Affair $10L skins?) Allison Fair Skin
Hair: Boon ZGO223 Hair in Chestnut

Mischief is having a $30L sale on XStreetSL only, before retiring these older items. Some are outfits and some are fatpacks. My take: as a post states over on the Mischief blog, these are old items that are being retired. There are few if any sculptie parts on outfits and you may find that a part of the outfit you expect to be a sculptie is actually in the 2D texture. Take a careful, careful look at the pictures on XStreetSL before purchasing. There are some nice outfits here, but I threw away one dress which had nice workmanship on the top but the skirt length was not in balance  in relation to the top (IMO); and threw away another top/pants set where I really hated the top’s texture.

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Dress: Mischief Quinn from XStreetSL.com
Hair: Amacci Hair Adena – Amber Tipped Black

Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin
Dress: Mischief Dinner Date Dress  from XStreetSL.com
(I removed the included  plaid stockings which IMO didn’t really go with the dress).
Hair: Emma Auburn I love Olive Hair (from the I Love Olive Sold Out Place)

And….whew! I’m done with the megablogging for today. I think.

So many sales, so little time

Beyond the typical weekly promotions, there are a lot of noteworthy sales going on right now in SL shops. I’ve already been to several of them and hope to blog some of my finds in the next day or two.

Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Urbanity 50% Off Sale
  • Mischief retiring older items on XStreetSL for $30L (outfits and fatpacks).
  • Dirty Word Closing Sale, 50L or less, with fatpacks for 200L….runs till May 23rd (I think)
  • AQUA Moving Sale, items priced $50L or less…runs till May 27th.
  • Seldom Blue 3000 Subscriber Celebration Sale, $50L selected outfits. Runs till May 22nd.
  • Indie Rose Sale – $50L on selected items. Runs through May 22nd.
  • Nomine Sale – $50L selected clothing, 50% selected skins and accessories. Runs through May 21.
  • Muze Closing sale, all outfits $10L (runs till ?)
  • Haven’t confirmed this yet, but Sn@tch may still have out all the previous Humpday items for $69L
  • Ordinary (shoes) 50% off Sale


I’m trying something a little different with the pictures today…

As you can see, they have Photoshopped backgrounds…but the outfits themselves have not been retouched.

Steampunk outfits from RagDollz, $49L this week…

Top: Nomad of Time
Magika Gala Hair

Middle: Lighting Ride
A&A Tamara Hair in Rubby/Black

Bottom: Secret Garden
booN ZGO023 Hair

poses by [doll], NSA, Dismorph