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After-the-holidays cleanup

I’m still working my way through the bounty of gifts and promotional priced items that I received during the Christmas season in SL. Needless to say, my inventory is overloaded and needs to get back to some semblance of organization. As I go through and attempt to organize, I’ll try and share some of the highlights.

The Hair and Hat above¬† was a group gift from Truth, called “Snow Kitty” I love how the hair poofs out from under the hat! The sweater is from Bang Bang – an opening giftie for the Oh my Stars! Sim. The pants are from Havana Nights, and the coat from FIR & MNA. The skin is called Camilla and is from Natural Beauty – formerly known as Tik Tok.. The Pose is by !Bang.


The Summer of Love Fair opens soon!

A few more goodies to show you from The Summer of Love Fair, which runs between July 18th and August 8th.

Traparenze Dress from Baiastice, and Heart N Soul River Shoes from the SOL Fair Hunt
$DUSTARZ$  Gem Necklace, from the SOL Fair, not free

Not from the fair: Tiny Bird Kissy Kissy Hair in Deep Red and pose by Glitterati.

Margarida Dress in Pink amd LiNe Pufy DOts Necklace from SOL Fair (not free)

Not from Fair: Junwave Ayano in Dark Brown Hair, Pose by Glitterati

The skin in both photos is III Sumer Tone Skin 2 Freebie from SOL Fair

In-world groups worth joining: Ivalde/L’Abel

Every month, Ivalde has a free group gift, usually a dress. For June the gift was this pretty red strapless dress with the floral detail in front. Ivalde carries mainly vintage costumes but the group gift is usually something that can be worn in a contemporary setting. I don’t think they’ve ever done a free gift from the L’Abel side, but I am always hopeful (especially after seeing the drool-worthy new spring collection!)

Ivalde June Group Gift (Amanda in Red). Clawtooth True Betty Hair in Uptown Brown. Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Diamond Pearl Jewelry in Gold. Atomic Bambi Apple Skin SunBlush Ocean (GSH gift). Pose by Glitterati.