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Brief update and Seasons Hunt

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I have a little project I’m working on that is taking up most of my time in SL. I’m very excited about it, and I hope to be able to post some more information about it soon.

I did take some time off to do the Seasons Hunt, and it has been a pleasant hunt experience. Very few of the hunt objects were hidden in difficult places (in fact, many of them were extremely obvious).

There was one store (name withheld) that I completely avoided because it is huge and,  in  a previous hunt, the owner(s)/management  made it extremely difficult to find their gift (which IMO ended up not being worth the time everyone had to invest to find it). There were a few others I didn’t do because I knew the gift was something I wasn’t interested in.

Overall, the quality of the items is really good on this hunt. Yes, there are some gimmicky  autumn-related things, but mostly the gifts are  wearable and usable items, nicely designed, and many qualifying for a permanent spot in your inventory.  Special kudos to Ingenue (for a very cute dress) and LISP Bazaar (for a very nice set of two easy chairs with the typical LISP attention to quality and detail). There are others that I should likely mention as well, so let me just add that if you’re thinking of doing a hunt, this is a good one to go for. The aggravation factor is low (with just a few exceptions), and the prizes are more than worth the time you’ll likely put into it. Here’s a link to the official hunt blog.


Yes, another Hair Fair post (freebies!)

Like many of you I braved the lag and went to Hair Fair this weekend. I still haven’t made it to the booths for some of my favorite brands. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many freebies were available at the fair.

fri.day’s gift box includes not only three hair samples, but also a white cami, a teal hoodie (with hood up and hood down versions), and a nice pair of boot cut blue jeans. The shoes are Shiny Things Zimmy Flats in Faded Denim (I no longer have the SLURL).

The skin in both the picture above and the picture below is a promotional skin from &bean created to commemorate the fair, and it’s only $10L at &bean‘s shap.

Aamacci’s goodie bag included several colors of six different styles, three male and three female. Two of the male styles could also be worn by female avatars (see above). Blouse is a weekend dollarbie from Petunia.

Poses in both pictures are from !Bang!, and the pictures were taken in Modest House’s Plum Cottage.

Shrinking Violet and the Wallflowers

A lot of fashion shops in SL seem to be featuring purple/violet right now. Here are some examples I’ve collected over the last few days.

Below: I love the colors and texture on the Purple Floral Dress from House of Fox ($40L Saturday Night Fever item). Also featured:  ABomb Amy Wedge Shoes, Simply Britnee Crystal Hair in Cherry, and Splashing Doll Krystal Cremino Skin ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by Glitterati.

Below: This floral print dress was on special at Timmy Pret A Porter this weekend. The outfit comes with the stockings as well. Also featured: Callia Delphinium Hair in Cinnamon, and Splashing Doll Pink Sorbet Cremino Skin ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by LAP.

Below: PixelDolls recently released not one but four new dresses, and the violet colors of each were freebies! This one, the Fade Velvet Dress in Violet,  was likely my favorite, just because it’s so different, with the Tudor-style details.  Yes, I wouldn’t typically wear something with a neckline cut down to the waist, so I’ll likely find a cami to put under the dress. The skirts on all these dresses are kind of a bell shape, which I’m not sure I really like, but it does make it easier to do poses where your avatar’s legs are further apart.

Let me just throw out some kudos about the Ava-Tarre Vega in Black Hair as well, Many of the darker hairs I’ve tried in SL tend to be somewhat flat looking. There’s a lot of “shine” showing up in this hair….for  a $60L Weekend special, this had really nice quality. The picture doesn’t really do it full justice because there is a lot more movement/detail to the bottom part of the hair than you see here. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised that it’s such a nice texture because my favorite long curly do also comes from Ava-Tarre. I’m likely to give this brand some more consideration because of  these two styles (I do get a little frustrated that they tend to put out the same styles every week for $60L Weekends, just different colors; this week they had some different styles). The skin is Splashing Doll Berdina Cremino ($10L at the  Harajaku Skin Fair). Pose by exposur.

Resting place

I’m not revealing the name of this store yet because I want to blog about it 🙂

It was a nice resting place for my avatar after running to Weatherbys and grabbing this dress (yes, the freebie group gifts of the day are back on! Hurray!). Necklace from GaNKeD and hair from Clawtooth.


In the garden

Lemania Indigo is one of those stores in SL that’s either hot or cold for me. Hot is the feminine styling and retro flair they put into their outfits. What sometimes turns me off personally is when they cross too far into gimmicks. It becomes too much of a costume, and as Tim Gunn often reminds designers on Project Runway, that isn’t usually a good thing. It’s just a personal taste thing…like the point I realized I wasn’t likely to wear many of the formals I had picked up in SL, so why was I continuing to buy so many?

On the other hand, I give Lemania Indigo a lot of credit for being very good to their customers and SL shoppers in general. They actively participate in a lot of hunts, even hosting their own hunts, such as the recent Singing in the Rain. They can be counted on to have multiple reasonably priced ($60L to $100L) promotions every week.

This outfit (the hat comes with the dress) was a recent Midnight Mania board prize, and I’m really tickled with the soft feminine look. I don’t know if it’s very practical for working in the garden, but it certainly says “nature” and “spring” to me.

Dress and Hat – Lemania Indigo In the Garden (MM board)
Exile Susan Auburn Hair (free at Savior Hair)
TikTok Rene Skin Group Gift

What they say about blondes…

I’ve never really gotten into blond hair in SL. My own hair color in RL has never been lighter than medium auburn, and unlike other aspects of my RL appearance, I’ve come to be very satisfied with color close to my natural hair. It’s not surprising given my style preferences in SL that I’d gravitate towards darker, richer hair color. But sometimes a girl just needs a bit of a change. And this gift bag outfit from Phoenix Rising was just crying out for a vintage blond style. The Ingenue Myra Dark Ash Hair free at Savior Hair really fit the bill! I just need one of those long, black cigarette holders (I wouldn’t SMOKE in even in SL, just would hold it for atmosphere) and in this outfit, I’d be ready for some small, smoke-filled jazz club.

Flirt Dress – Phoenix Rising at ICON gift bag
Ingenue Myra Dark Ash Hair (free at Savior Hair)
TikTok Rene Skin Group Gift – tip: join this group, it’s free, and there are a bunch of free skins available for group members

From last night

Shoes: Baby Monkey Baby’s Last Dance Shoes (special for group members), Shape: Baby Monkey Ultimate Shoes Shape (included with shoes), Skin: Belleza Elle BL Pale (group gift), Eyes: SA Innocence Eyes Trusting Blue, (
Dress: (OMFG I Love It!) GIGI Hawt Pink Satin (I’m thinking this was a special for the Le Cirque Sim Opening?)

On the left:
Hair: Clawtooth Good Evening – Coffee with Cream Hair (on special), Shoes: Baby Monkey Roxy in Gold Shoe (on special for group members), Shape: #Before Sleep Lala Shape (from my inventory), Skirt: Ibizarre Anjuil Skirt Spacial Edition in Caramel (freebie), Bracelet: Ibizarre Bracelets in Gold and Brown (freebie), Top: Ibizarre Classic Cardigan in Black (freebie), Skin: Belleza Elle BL Pale (group gift), Eyes: X Line Eyes Ocean Blue 4