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Well, it took a good amount of Googling, but I found out how to bust the non-rezzing vapor and now have my avatar back in SL Viewer 2 and Kirsten’s S20.

The fix:go to the Advanced Window > Debug Settings > RenderUnloadedAvatar. Change the setting to “True.”


Ghosting update

Well, now I am at the mercy of a Second Life support ticket, at least as far as viewer 2 (and Kirstens S20, apparently) is concerned. So, anything I post for the forseeable future will be with snapshots from SL viewer 1.23.

Bummer. I am actually one of the people who LIKES viewer 2. And the image capture on Kirsten’s is fantastic. But there’s no way I’m going to be able to take pictures of clothing that won’t rez.

If anyone else seeing this on the feeds is having problems with the ghosting, know that you have my sympathy!