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PixelDolls has been having a fantastic sale at their flagship location….most outfits are $25L  Hurry, because today is the final day!

Above:PixelDolls Timepiece 012 Outfit. Also featured: Glam Affair Castalla Vampire Skin B (previous TDR), Truth – Padma Hair in Blood.  Pose by tea.

Above:  Pixel Dolls Timepiece 002 Outfit. Also featured: lassitude & ennui Miss Dandy boots, Glam Affair Eva Skin with Winter Makeup (current TDR), Audacity Kate Hair in Pomegranate. Pose by Tea

Above: PixelDolls Antique 02 Outfit. Also featured: Shag Sonnet Hair in Fever, Dulce Secrets Keke Skin in Amaretto Natural. Pose by doll

Above: PixelDolls Antique 003 Outfit. Also featured: ChiChickie! Dani Hair in Mahogany (free group gift), Exodi Isolde Skin in Cachet (former TDR). Pose by !Bang


All you zombies…

While taking short breaks from my top-secret project, I’m having fun hopping around to recent sales and events on the grid, and have picked up a lot of goth and Halloween-themed items. Here’s some of my favorite finds…

PixelDolls Bella Violet Dress from Zombie Popcorn
(PixelDolls mainstore, ZombiePopcorn sale locations 1, 2, 3)
Frick Autumn’s Fell Sugar Dark Brows (from in-store Witch Hat Hunt)
Exile Crissy-Red Mix from TDR Blue
Pose by doll

OSAKKI/Bipolar Pret a Porter Dress  from Call to Couture
The Niven Collection  Zebra Heels from Call to Couture
aRAWWRa Natalie Pale Skin from Zombie Popcorn
(see above for Zombie Popcorn event SLURLs)
Exile Mina Group Gift Hair
Pose by Doll

SN@TCH Little Nipper Dress from HorrorfFest
Phoenix Rising Facade Jacket (get to their closing sale, pronto!!!)
Para Designs Autumn Leaves Tattoo
WD Goth – Loli Batty Shoes from HorrorFest
Izzies Addison Winter Skin
Exile Crissy b/ack/red mix hair from TDR Blue
Timmy Halloween Hat – Group Gift
Pose by NSA

Just show me (on the doll)

It’s really kind of ironic, but whenever Putrid Gloom of Show Me On The Doll releases a new promotional or member group outfit in Second Life, I’m typically very happy! I love, love, love the detail in the outfits and the  humor underlying the darker goth styles. Last week Putrid released a feminine, fluffy treat of a dress for Stumblebum called “The Tear Pool”…and it was only $50L! A day or so later, Putrid sent subscribo group members a note, saying that the dress had really been rather successful, so Putrid was going to release another color, called “The Raspberry Whine” which would be priced at only $50L as well.

I apologize for not having more specifics on skin, hair, shoes and poses, but I was running so late with this post that I wanted to go ahead and get it online [EDITED TO ADD: I have updated some of the info below and hope to do more later]. As you can see by the pictures, if one’s avatar is wearing this dress with the boa, it’s really better to wear short hair or an updo.  The hair on the left is one of the newer Truth hairs currently on sale – it’s called Midori. The hair on the right is LoQ Hairs  Con Panna – Ash Black from The Fashion House. The shoes on the left are from aMused at The Industry Shopping District Fair, and the ones on the right are from SLink (currently featured at  The Dressing Room Blue).

Gother than Thou Hunt

My time for Second Life and for blog posting has been limited these last few days due to a short vacation. Surprisingly, I had intermittent wifi out in the middle of nowhere, but a storm kept knocking it out. Which was just as well, because I had brought work – real work – along with me and needed to focus on that. I did manage to get much of the Gother than Thou Hunt done, and have begun unpacking and trying on the results. As has been reported on other blogs, there is a nice variety of clothing featured in hunt gifts. I also picked up a number of sale items and Midnight Mania prizes along the way! Links to participating stores and hunt hints can be found at the Gother Than Thou Hunt Blog. One has  to be a member of the Thrifty Goth Group in-world, and wear the group label,  in order to pick up most of the hunt prizes.

From the Gother than Thou Hunt: Arsenic Lace Clarette Outfit. I’m not sure if the aMused Goth Female Skin featured here is from the hunt, or from a Midnight Mania at that store. Not from hunt: ChiChickie Lise Hair in Red (group gift)), pose by Glitterati

Show Me On The Doll has rapidly become one of my favorite stores for goth-type clothing, due to the quality and detail of the items.  For the hunt prize, the store offered something not immediately thought of as sterotypically goth, but deffinately in the mood: The Loss Gown. I loved the detail of the skirt, and since there have been a number of blog posts showing the outfit’s front detail, I decided to show you from the back). Not from hunt: DarkerSide Flourish Skin in Irish ($10L special found while looking for their hunt object), Ingenue Sweet Rosie O’Grady Hair in Auburn, pose by Glitterati.

More darkly romantic freebies from Pixel Dolls…

Pixel Dolls continues to release more in the dark romantic style they’ve been focused on this summer, and each of this week’s dresses is available in one color as a freebie (guess what, it’s not either purple or cranberry, either!).

I’ve paired the Curious Dress in Black
with Free Analog Dog Hair

The Mermaid Dress in Silver also features Kyoot Bedhead Bun in Chestnut.

Both outfits feature: Glitterati Poses and Mango!Mango! Smoked Pale Skin

The Bacchanal

The Bacchanal is an event that appears from time to time, for a few days, then disappears.  This time the theme appears to be related to turn-of-the-century World’s Fair…but it’s really a loose theme, basically the event has period, fantasy, goth and steampunk clothing for women. Everything is either $13L, $31L or $113L. Hurry, because the event is due to end tonight!

The most creative outfit at the event, IMO, is this  brass outfit by Frick. There are also coordinating skins (one of which my avatar is wearing) and makeup for $31L and $13L.

The outfit pack contains many pieces that can be worn in different combinations – I’m just showing you one combination here that makes use of most of the pieces.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to wear the free cute hair comb and bracelet from Dark Mouse for the Good Sh__ Hunt. Horatia was brought up to be a lady, you see, and she just can’t quite get that word out. She also suspects that “Frick” is really along the same lines of “frack” and “frell” but she figures that you need to know the name of the store.  The hair is Tiny Bird Sunset Soon Forgotten Hair in Dark Cherry (see sale info posted on this blog earlier today). Poses are by LAP.

It’s cooler in the dark…

Come join me in the shadows; it’s much cooler over here.

I looked all over the place for hats with attached face veils, and wow, they are hard to find in SL. And, once you have one, they are hard to position correctly!

HatPins Lady Lilly Cocktail Hat with Veil.  The Sea Hole Who Ate Dress Dark Eve (free gift).  Amacci Hair Janet in Brown. Stockings are from an unknown vendor; in my inventory. Atomic Bambi Apple Skin SunBlush Ocean (GSH gift).  Pose by Glitterati.