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After-the-holidays cleanup

I’m still working my way through the bounty of gifts and promotional priced items that I received during the Christmas season in SL. Needless to say, my inventory is overloaded and needs to get back to some semblance of organization. As I go through and attempt to organize, I’ll try and share some of the highlights.

The Hair and Hat above  was a group gift from Truth, called “Snow Kitty” I love how the hair poofs out from under the hat! The sweater is from Bang Bang – an opening giftie for the Oh my Stars! Sim. The pants are from Havana Nights, and the coat from FIR & MNA. The skin is called Camilla and is from Natural Beauty – formerly known as Tik Tok.. The Pose is by !Bang.


Fall is in the air…

Here in the U.S., fall is coming, even though the weather is still summery in my area. My kids started back to school this week.

And, in Second Life, I bought my first sweaters for the fall today. Below is a lush  top that is brand-new from PixelDolls, and just $75L.

Also featured is Tuli‘s Gina 06 skin from a previous The Dressing Room, A Netherworld‘s Signature Blue Jeans and LeLuka‘s Rush Hair in Rita (member group gift). The earrings are part of Ear Candy’s Congo Inspired Copper set. The pose is by Shopaholic’s Anonymous.


The following two pictures feature some recent freebies (hunt items, group gifts and in-store freebies).

Above: SD Wears In Bloom Dreamer Gown – Shell Hunt at store. Also featured: Kiwi Karen Hair in Rust (I think this was a hunt gift but not sure), Imabee Umeko Strawberry Pie Skin (group gift).

Above: Shush White Jeans Classic (freebie in store), loveme Flat Shoes Gacha in Black Rainbow (not free, from Albero Summer Gacha Festival), Epoque Hair London Import III (not free; on sale for $50L), Fore Classic Black Tunic (free gift to group members, join subscribo in-store and check notices), jewelry by Dark Mouse (not free, and not one of the items on the $1L sidewalk sale, but go check that out!!).

Island Girl

So…Cupcakes recently put out a nice little gift for in-world group members, featuring a s set of skins and a summer outfit in two colors. The bandeau top and floral skirt had me looking for a suitable island climate for a photo shoot, and via the Second Life Destination Guide, I found Dreamer’s Paradise, an ethereal island full of rich blue and green foliage. What a great place to take a relaxing mini vacation. The soundtrack here is gentle meditation music which really fits the environment.

Wow, I really just had a “duh” moment in SL, too. I’ve been tampering with Debug Settings in the Advanced Menu, attempting to tweak the image quality, and I managed to get some settings in place that stubbornly weren’t responding in the regular preferences settings. Which was great, but as the image quality improved I realized that I was really having problems adjusting this skirt. The base seemed a lot more grey in the background than the flexi part. As I was adjusting, I wondered to myself, “can I maybe make the background on the flexi a little more grey? Sure enough, I was able to do that, and now it blends in better.

Cupcakes Tiny Floral Skirt in Blue and Bandeau in Navy, Cupcakes Dahila Copper/Bronze Skin, Dark Mouse Shell Flower Jewelry, Kyoot Self Adsorbed Hair in Chestnut, pose by Glitterati

Hair today (and some of it gone tomorrow!)

So much freebie and reduced price hair this week!

Above, from left to right
Clawtooth Group Gift Mrs. Mittens 2 – Valentine
Hairy Situations – Victoria in Mahogany  w/Full Bright ($40L pack sale)
ChiChickie Group Git May 22 – Megan in Mahogany

Clawtooth sent out a new group gift, a shade of their new style Mrs. Mittens. Hairy Situations is closing. Everything inside the shop is at least 75% off. Older Bewitched (BWH) styles are in the yard sale section and are $25L per color pack. This sale is currently scheduled to run till Monday, but may potentially be extended another week.  ChiChickie is back (and I was just wondering a week or so ago if they were in hibernation mode or something). They’ve sent out a group gift – one shade of their new style Megan. In addition, they’re having a “hidden” sale – scattered throughout the store are a bunch of color packs marked down to $10L.

Above, from left to right:
ChiChickie Jenna2 in HONEY (one of the $10L pack specials
BWH (Hairy Situations) Glamor in Aub ($25L pack sale)
BWH (Hairy Situations) Quinn in dkbown ($25L pack sale)

Shirt is So Many Styles Prairie Blouse in Light Brown (Currently 50% off)

Pose by PR!TTY

Nostalgic in blue

Wow, between replacing a dead hard drive (which  has been frequently backed up thanks to Apple’s Time Machine software), my hubby asking for help registering for Facebook and finding all his old friends, the series finales of Lost and 24, the season finale of Chuck, and a bunch of Linden Homes malfunctions (more on that later at 117prims), it’s a wonder I’ve had any opportunity to take pictures of new clothing in the last few days. I finally did during the commercials last night, in my 4 hour Chuck and 24 marathon (thank goodness for DVRs).

Below is a look inspired by 1940’s pinup poses.

Rarely will I buy hair at the normal price or close-to-it, but this Sophia updo from Nushru Hair was calling to me at Le Cirque. The shoes are Mielle Sculpted Shoe in Black, available at XStreetSL for only $5L (I think I’ll go back and pick up a few other colors of this one). The dress is Cupcakes Glitz Dress in Blue (I think it was from a $50L sale last week)
The skin is the Exodi Lily v2 Dove Girlie Light Skin (group gift).

The second outfit reminds me of movie musicals  from the late 1940’s and 1950’s. The shoes are  Baby Monkey Laced Flats ($10L for Baby Monkey Group Members). The dress is from  VUI (Cocktail Dress Blue); the skin is a former Super Bargain Saturday skin from TIK TOK (Grace Merlot Medium). The hair is from the current Project Themeory week – Posh‘s Push & Shove in Carrot. The jewelry is Très Beau Pearl Earings and Choker

Poses by Vivianne and [lynds-matic]

Still opening gifts!

I’m still overloaded with going through all the weekend goodies. My inventory is also overflowing, so last night I focused on going through one of my folders – the goth clothing folder – and removing anything that was either 1) really poorly made stuff that I got those first few days in SL, or 2) stuff much too extreme for me to wear (way into little-girl Loli goth, etc.). Between the folder discards and the existing items in trash, I got rid of 2000 items last night, but I’m still up around 28,000 in inventory.

Here is a dress from yesterday, and one from this weekend.

Dress: Lemania Indigo Happy Mommy’s Day Gift Dress (includes shoes)
Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Alabaster – Sultry Skin (not new)
Hair: Dark Mouse Alix in Black Raspberry
Pose by au Soliel (from inventory)
Dress: #407 Weatherby’s Franny Dress in Purple (Monday Group Gift Dress)
Boots: GField Short Lace Up Boots in Lavender (promotion a couple of weeks ago)
Necklace: GaNKeD Darkcircle Necklace in Violet (from inventory)
Hair: Pocket Mirrors Carla Wavy Strawberry (Mother’s Day Gift)
Skin: Dutch Touch isiS Cotton Liner Red skin (Free for VIP Group Members).

Pose: not sure, but I think this was one of the Vogue poses from NSA (free gift at The Deck last weekend).