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Horatia takes a stand against bullying…

So, apparently today is something called “Spirit Day” and everyone is supposed to wear purple in order to call attention to a number of recent suicides occurring in  young people who were bullied specifically regarding their sexual orientation. And recently, an event opened in Second Life in support of adding goths to a list of protected groups in hate crimes legislation in the U.K.

Asa you can see, I’m not wearing purple right now. And it’s not because I’m somehow in favor of bullying. Quite the opposite.

People are bullied for so many reasons. Why is it that only some reasons get focused upon? Yes, in both these examples people lost their lives, and that is so very significant.

However, isn’t bullying just wrong…period?

Not only when someone is gay or goth, but….also that time that kids in the first grade figured out one of their classmates was an easy target, and made sure the other kid had no one to play with at recess. Or the department  manager that made an intern work unpaid overtime upon threat of losing his job.  Or the two middle school kids who realized a classmate was naive about drugs, and decided to have a little “fun.” Or the male coworkers who sexually harassed a barely-out-of-high-school young girl with a curvaceous figure. The executive who manipulated and schemed against fellow employees in order to gain more power for himself.  The  popular girls who decide to see just how far they can make a classmate go in inappropriate behavior if they hold the bait of friendship over her head. All the times when someone is emotionally battered and bruised but not fully broken…those count, too.

Maybe it’s time to stop highlighting special cases and simply stand up against bullying…period. Don’t tolerate the intolerable, even when no one is “seriously hurt.”

In case anyone is still around after the speech, here’s the outfit credits.

The wonderful Halloween Dress and Ruffle Bolero is a gift from G Field. The boots are a Hump Day Madness special from Rose River Saloon The hair is Amacci Hair Anette in Red Auburn.  The skin is Moonshadow Skins – Lia Goth – Cateye from A Netherworld.  Pose by Tea.


Up here, the air is clear…Car Wash Cart Sale and more

I finally got a skybox rezzed above my new land last night (you can read more about that at 117prims). The skybox I chose to rez wasn’t quite tall enough to handle my photo studio, so I improvised, moving some lights down for the time being. Wow…there’s a lot less lag up there.  Here’s the Cupcakes dress I featured yesterday; I seem to have so much more detail on it now.

I’m trying to keep up with anything interesting on the fashion front as well, although my time to do so is currently limited. I managed to get to some of the Hump Day Madness specials and  the Car Wash Cart Sale yesterday. I landed on what I think of as the “main” Car Wash sim and was pretty underwhelmed over what I found. Then I went over the bridge to the other sim…and wow…Ingenue, A-Bomb, Artelliri, HeartSick, Ear Candy and more. Definitely worth spending some time over on that side of the sale! For those who aren’t familiar with this event, all items on the carts are $10L and lower. Items below that are from the Car Wash Cart sale are indicated as such.

Above: HyperCulture Loose Summer Dress Hump Day Madness Special, HeartSick Aether Halo Skin from Car Wash Cart Sale, Ingenue Shoes from Car Wash Cart Sale, L0Q Aura Hair. Pose by NSA.

Above: HeartSick Top from Car Wash Cart Sale, Ingenue Skirt from Car Wash Cart Sale,  DbT Shoes from  Car Wash Cart Sale, Mango!Mango! Honey Bee Pale Skin from Hump Day Madness.  Pose by LAP.

Below is an outfit that I got a few days ago  at Prelude’s sale, and hadn’t had a chance to blog yet.

Above: Prelude Dress (Hat included), Ingenue Hair (NOT from Car Wash Cart Sale…this is from the discount room at Ingenue’s mainstore), Before Sleep Skin from Car Wash Cart Sale,  Coolesta Madrid Stiletto Shoes. Pose by LAP.