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On the hunt part 2: how to be a happy hunter (and help your fellow hunters stay happy too)

(This post focus on suggestions for hunters. If you’d like to read my previous post with suggestions for merchants,  click here.)

So, the Taste of Second Life Hunt has begun, and promises to be a rewarding experience for those with the patience to participate in the hunt. Here are some suggestions on how to make the hunt experience more pleasant for both yourself and others.

Hunt helps…

  1. Join the hunt group. The group chat will usually be a helpful place to get additional hints, and in most hunt groups, any  problems with locations will be posted in group notices.
  2. Set your graphics settings to the lowest level (for speed) and then set the following higher in debug settings (try 2.5 for each as a test): RenderAvatarLOD, RenderVolumeLOD, RenderTextureMemoryMultiple. Hopefully this combination will give you speed but also texture and prim detail.
  3. Move all hunt items into an inventory folder for that hunt. If you are doing the hunt over a number of days, you can easily check  the folder to avoid duplicates.
  4. Check out the hunt’s official blog site, and other sites that specialize in reporting  hunts, like SL Freebie Hunters.
  5. If the area’s environment is set to nighttime, set your environment time of day to midday.
  6. If you’re short on time, try doing your favorite stores on a hunt list, followed by smaller stores. Larger stores tend to be more difficult…with prim-heavy large furniture stores the worst!
  7. Practice the art and skill of “camming”…moving your camera around without moving your avatar, using the camera arrows in the “view” popup. A sweep at your normal “eye level” is likely a good first step…follow that up with a sweep near the ceiling.
  8. As you look around, notice signage and decorative objects. If the “camming” sweep doesn’t reveal the object, next look behind and under these objects (smaller stores won’t even have very many of these).
  9. As you hunt in a specific store, notice the location of other hunters. If there is an area of the store where you see a lot of people going to and staying for a while…and especially if you see people disappear from this area (teleport out to another location)…the hunt item is likely located nearby.

Do unto others…

This second section is about behaviors during hunts that are inconsiderate of other people.  I’ve witnessed each of these…many of these multiple times.

  1. Don’t wear HUDs and animations that have you bouncing around the whole area.
  2. Don’t wear massive  head pieces and other clothing items that will obstruct other hunter’s views.
  3. Do follow the K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple, stupid) with your clothing, wearing low prim counts. This helps reduce the lag in busy sims.
  4. Don’t give people hints unless they want them. Some people absolutely hate to be given hints.
  5. Don’t fill up local chat with endless empty chatter, or worse yet, with rude or crude chatter.
  6. And last but certainly not least…the hunt locations are NOT your bedroom. Yep, I’ve witnessed that, and it was not pleasant.

Platinum Hunt preview! So much to show you! So little time!

You say that you’re exhausted from the SL Home and Garden Hunt, and attempting to slog through the No Strings Attached Hunt, and the Ink’d Hunt, and a half dozen others right now? Well file away your semi-completed hunts in folders, honey, ’cause the Big Daddy Hunt of them all is opening August 8th, and you’re going to want to be able to focus on this one!

The Platinum Hunt will feature 100 top name designers and looks to push the boundaries of hunting as we know it. Items will be of a high quality from the top known brands set to sell at 10L.  The hunt begins on August 8th and runs through August 31st.

Yes, the hunt items aren’t free, or even a dollarbe. They are $10L each. $10L for Skins from Glam Affair, Slutcookie, MonS, CandyDoll, Dekade…$10L for beautiful gowns from Adam n Eve and  Son1a, and for shorterdressy outfits and costumes from Purple Moon, Izzies, Reale, and more. Casual cothing from Atomic, DeeTaleZ, Boho, Slink, Ducknipple, Alexchol, TuttiFruuittiii, and more. Hair from Posh and Magmika. Jewelry from ICED, Alyssa Bijous, and more. It’s a big hunt, at least 50 itesm, and everyone I’ve unpacked is worth far more than $50L.

Here’s my first sneak preview of what you’ll find….

Adam n Eve Vanessa Dress (also has short skirt version)
Dahlinks Center of All things 2010 Necklace
Magika Diamond Hair in Chocolate
Mango!Mango! Smoked Pale Skin (not from hunt)
Pose from Glitterati (not from hunt)

Son!a Cassandra Emerald Dress
Son!a Cassandra Emerald Jewelry
Magika Diamond Hair in Dark Auburn
Dekade Brooke II Sunkissed Skin
Pose by Doll

Purple Moon Gator Dress in Platinum (includes necklace)
Slutcookie The Platinum Hunt Skin in Starlett
Phoenix Rising Jeweled Flower Flats (not from hunt)
Fascino Gorg Hair in HazelBerry (not from Hunt)

Pose by Doll

Posh Hair Rosie in Platinum
Reale Dancing Star Dress
Heart and Sole Sassy Platinum Shoe
Rockberry Kallista Platinum Hunt Light Skin
Pose by Doll


The following two pictures feature some recent freebies (hunt items, group gifts and in-store freebies).

Above: SD Wears In Bloom Dreamer Gown – Shell Hunt at store. Also featured: Kiwi Karen Hair in Rust (I think this was a hunt gift but not sure), Imabee Umeko Strawberry Pie Skin (group gift).

Above: Shush White Jeans Classic (freebie in store), loveme Flat Shoes Gacha in Black Rainbow (not free, from Albero Summer Gacha Festival), Epoque Hair London Import III (not free; on sale for $50L), Fore Classic Black Tunic (free gift to group members, join subscribo in-store and check notices), jewelry by Dark Mouse (not free, and not one of the items on the $1L sidewalk sale, but go check that out!!).

Geek week

Project Themory this last weekend was based on the geek theme, one many of us in SL live every day (including me, LOL). I’ve taken the top from one of the promotional packs, combined it with a hunt freebie, a gift hair, accessories from a $60L weekend item, and a scarf from my inventory.

Top: from the League Teachers Pet ensemble, Project Themory
Shorts: DYN Denim 2010 Hot Pants from PartyTime Hunt at store
Bracelet and Shoes: from the Ear Candy Lime collection, $60L Weekend
Scarf: AtomicBambi, Seattle (olive) from inventory
Hair: PACADI Jasha Tilde Hair (gift), now closed

All you zombies…

I’ve been doing the Zombie Popcorn Hunt this weekend. While I’m not going to show ONLY items from the hunt, I will integrate those items with some other recent finds. I’ve already gotten compliments on the outfit below. The hair/hat combo is from the hunt; the dress is part of a 5-pack for $60L weekends and the skin is a freebie. While only one item is from the hunt, I think this outfit fits in quite well..

Hair: [Posh] Zombielicious in Scarlet (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)
Dress: Has Been – Lola ($60L Weekend, part of a 5-pack)
Skin: Cupcakes Seduction Alabaster Smokey (free)

Exile also has hair out for the Zombie Popcorn Hunt, a double prize with a female style and a male style. The female style is blond and pretty; not really my style as I tend to stick with the reds, auburns and browns. So I tried on the guy’s style just for fun, and paired it with another $60L Weekend dress, this time from Envied, a store that’s new for me. The dress comes with the floral choker and is available in three colors. I love the rich tones but there is a little pixel “trash” down past the hemline that IMO should have been cleaned up. Still, it’s a really pretty dress for $60L

Dress: Envied Karma Baby Doll and Choker in Fate ($60L Weekend)
Hair: Exile Zack/Darkfyre (Zombie Popcorn Hunt)

Singing in the Rain

At times I tire of complicated hunts that send a participant all over Second Life creation, spending lots of precious time searching for a small, obscurely hidden object in a lag-laden shop. So…I was happy to discover this weekend a simple hunt with easy-to-find rewards, and most of the prizes are complete outfits. It’s all located at Lemania Indigo Designs‘ recently remodeled shop, so be sure to walk all the way around the courtyard as you hunt. You’re looking for raindrops.

Here are some of my favorites from the hunt.

Above, from left to right: Another Spring, Daktari, Please Don’t Eat the Daisies, Tyra Fierce

Above, from left to right: I Wish I May, Graffiti, Stepping Out, Sunny

Above: So Wicked

Featured hair is Truth – Marie – Burgandy (not free)
Featured poses are from [doll] – the Carrie fatpack
Featured skin is HeartSick Oestra bliss, from a $50L special fatpack