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Vintage memories from Whippet and Buck

Whippet and Buck is a Second Life brand for which I have gradually developed a great appreciation.Many of the store’s pieces reflect vintage influences. When I was putting together this outfit, I thought of the period around the turn of the 20th century…Gibson Girls and the movie “Somewhere in Time.” All my avi needs is a bustle and a longer skit, perhaps some lace up boots instead of the pumps, and she’s so there!

W&B Claven Lace Blouse, featured exclusive item at W&B’s LE.LOOK  store
W&B Victoria High Waist Pencil Skirt, Stumblebum item from W&B’s mainstore

Also featured:  Mango!Mango! Fresh Vamp Skin, Gos Platform Pump, Happy Finds Vintage Flower Necklace, ploom Dusty Beehive Hair in Cinnamon. Pose by o’m.


Spiders and me just don’t get along…

Even still, I was determined to run and grab the SMOTD Dark Dark Night Dress (part of Stumblebum this week). The spider took up residence briefly on  my avatar’s face, but when I added Lolapop‘s God Save The Queen Jewelry Set to my outfit, Charlotte disappeared. And now my ear is acting all ticklish.

Shoes Clocktower Designs Rogue Silver Pumps (Steals and  Deals)
Exile Betsy Roaring Red Hair (TDR Blue)
Freckle Designs Lou Glamor Pale (on sale this last weekend).
Pose by Olive Juice.

Weekend finds

Tee*fy Ashley Blazer LacyLacey Me (former TDR), Fashionably Dead Bird Skin (Stumblebum), Shag Earth Girls are Easy Hair (Project Themeory), Trubble Jenica Dress in Red,  Sweeter than Candy Yvonne Slingback in Wine ($60L Weekend), Glow Studio He is Mine Belt (current TDR). Leggings from Jill (no longer available). Pose by !Bang.

Lois Lovable in Chocolate Dress ($10L),  Dernier Cri Zero Gravity Hair in Red (Project Themeory), HeartSick Enchant Illusion Very Berry Skin ($50L special), Yak &Yeti Bollywood Jewelry (free). Pose by C.o.D.

Back to the business of blogging

It’s nice to have a real avatar again, instead of a floating particle ghost. Here’s some of the backlog of finds that I wanted to share with you! This may well be one of the prettiest hunt prizes I’ve ever seen – the Seldom Blue Evangeline Golden Gown from the Iconically Sexy Summer Hunt. The Tuli Audrey skin is also from the same hunt. The hair is Truth Midori Hair in Blood, and the pose is by Glitterati.

Yes, Horatia’s hands are hidden in the skirt, but with a skirt this wide, it was unavoidable unless I used a pose that either spread the arms out wide, above, or held somewhere in the chest area! IRL, if one was wearing this dress, any time the hands were below the waist, they’d likely be hidden in the skirt.

You’ll be seeing more backgrounds like this, because I was looking for some dark Victorian-themed houses and skyboxes as well as furniture  (not necessarily easy to find; perhaps I will do a sampling over at 117prims in the near future). This skybox is called  The Victorian Room, from Noesis, and it’s available on XStreetSL for only $75L. It’s 31 prims, and the walls have a menu to switch between 6 different wallpaper textures.

ABomb featured this purple lace over black fabric dress in this week’s Humpday Madness.  The detail on this outfit is really beautiful, and it even flowed nicely as it moved.  Also featured is alaMood Dream Ice Jewelry from last weekend’s Lazy Sunday,  A Netherworld’s MoonShadow Skins – Gigli Pale /Purple from Woeful Wednesday,  DbT Valerie Black Satin Boudoir Shoes, and Clawtooth Lovely Liz Hair in Brown. Pose: NSA.

I’ve featured MangoMango‘s skins quite a bit in my blogs. While the Vamp line is  extremely pale, and therefore it’s difficult to do a lot of shading in the texture, I’ve always liked the illustrative quality of these skins.  Three of the newest Vamp Skins were on sale earlier this week for $69L each…featured here is the Jelly Vamp Skin. The hair is another one available at Truth‘s sale –  Vera in Cranberry. The lovely dress and jewelry is PP Petal Diamonds Dress (from Woeful Wednesday this week). The boots are Malfean Visions Admiral’s Stilettos. Pose by Shopaholics Anonymous.

Fashion House + Platinum Hunt

Without a doubt two of the most notable fashion events this week in Second Life are The Platinum Hunt and the opening of The Fashion House. As you may have read elsewhere, everything on The Platinum Hunt is $10L; it’s a little unusual to have a hunt that one has to pay for, but the quality of the items is fantastic.  The Fashion House is a designer showcase (similar to The Dressing Room) which will run from the 10th to the 25th of every month.

SiSSi Jewelry from the Platinum Hunt
III Taylor Dress from The Fashion House
Heart and Sole Sassy in Platinum Shoe from The Platinum Hunt
HeartSick Illusion Platinum Skin from The Platinum Hunt
AY.LinE Hair from The Fashion House
Pose by doll from The Fashion House

Platinum Hunt preview! So much to show you! So little time!

You say that you’re exhausted from the SL Home and Garden Hunt, and attempting to slog through the No Strings Attached Hunt, and the Ink’d Hunt, and a half dozen others right now? Well file away your semi-completed hunts in folders, honey, ’cause the Big Daddy Hunt of them all is opening August 8th, and you’re going to want to be able to focus on this one!

The Platinum Hunt will feature 100 top name designers and looks to push the boundaries of hunting as we know it. Items will be of a high quality from the top known brands set to sell at 10L.  The hunt begins on August 8th and runs through August 31st.

Yes, the hunt items aren’t free, or even a dollarbe. They are $10L each. $10L for Skins from Glam Affair, Slutcookie, MonS, CandyDoll, Dekade…$10L for beautiful gowns from Adam n Eve and  Son1a, and for shorterdressy outfits and costumes from Purple Moon, Izzies, Reale, and more. Casual cothing from Atomic, DeeTaleZ, Boho, Slink, Ducknipple, Alexchol, TuttiFruuittiii, and more. Hair from Posh and Magmika. Jewelry from ICED, Alyssa Bijous, and more. It’s a big hunt, at least 50 itesm, and everyone I’ve unpacked is worth far more than $50L.

Here’s my first sneak preview of what you’ll find….

Adam n Eve Vanessa Dress (also has short skirt version)
Dahlinks Center of All things 2010 Necklace
Magika Diamond Hair in Chocolate
Mango!Mango! Smoked Pale Skin (not from hunt)
Pose from Glitterati (not from hunt)

Son!a Cassandra Emerald Dress
Son!a Cassandra Emerald Jewelry
Magika Diamond Hair in Dark Auburn
Dekade Brooke II Sunkissed Skin
Pose by Doll

Purple Moon Gator Dress in Platinum (includes necklace)
Slutcookie The Platinum Hunt Skin in Starlett
Phoenix Rising Jeweled Flower Flats (not from hunt)
Fascino Gorg Hair in HazelBerry (not from Hunt)

Pose by Doll

Posh Hair Rosie in Platinum
Reale Dancing Star Dress
Heart and Sole Sassy Platinum Shoe
Rockberry Kallista Platinum Hunt Light Skin
Pose by Doll

Not only cutesy…S@BBiA and Dilly Dolls sales

Two brands that are typically associate with “cute” clothing are having big sales right now. Today I’m going to show examples of how these typically “girly” looks can be slightly reworked, playing up more sophisticated styling.

S@BBiA‘s clothing tends to be light colored with feminine details. However, the dress below is more on the dark and bold side, even with a floral print poof skirt. To enhance the more bold feel, I’ve added a metal statement necklace from Glo Studio (avail able from The Dressing Room Blue), black high-heeled sandals from DbT, and a straight pony-tail hairstyle from Posh (one of the freebies from the grand opening pack at The Rumor sim). The skin is TikTok Stella medium (group gift). Pose by exposeur.

Dilly Dolls, on the other hand, tends toward the Goth Lolita look…lots of black and rich colors, short full skirts, lace and bows. Some of the styles available are more sophisticated then the typical “dolly” look. The dress below is called “Kammy”  features a longer, less-full skirt, and comes with the long pearl necklace. The black lace stockings are from my inventory. The Hair is from LollipopZ’s recent sale – Inspire Hair in Bronze Brown. The Vintage Screw Back Earrings are from Dark Mouse. The shoes are from a group gift by Maltreya. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam. The pose is from exposeur.

Below is another Dilly Dolls look, one that that moves back a little to the feminine Goth Lolita style, but with a longer skirt and vintage influences.

The dress is Shandi in Dark Teal (comes with matching tights, not shown).  The jewelry is Dark Mouse’s Vintage 50’s Diamond and Pearls Set. The hair is Clawtooth: The Morning After in Coco. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam and the pose is by exposeur.