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Pretty, low prim and low price…can we have it all? #2

Sher’s Cottage Gardens
Cottage Gardens Island, Cassiopeia Shores

Inside one of the cottages...everything here is for sale.

The gardens (and the cottages you’ll find as you walk along the twisting path) are the store! Just about everything is for sale here…if you see a plant or tree that you like, it’s likely 1) low prim and 2) fairly inexpensive. There’s lots of low prim furniture as well – mainly pastel cottage style (garden colors, naturally!).


Pretty, low prim and low price…can we have it all?

I’m in the midst of furnishing a Linden Home (more on that later) and having a challenge getting everything I want to do in the low prim limit. I’m looking for interesting furniture that is low prim AND low price AND interesting/pretty.

One place I’ve recently discovered is GH Creations. They feature furniture in a variety of prints as well as low pixels. I purchased a sofa, loveseat, chair combo for $L200 – not cheap but nowhere near the cost I’ve seen at a lot of other places. The pieces can be purchased in either tweed, Victorian print, or leather color-change combos. GH also has sculpted table lamps and floor lamps for $L100.

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