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From the weekend

The deal of the weekend was definitely Posh‘s freebie hair gift pack, released to celebrate the opening of The Rumor sim. The hairstyle featured above is Posh Rosey Love Hair in Scarrlet, Also featured: PixelDolls Mira Top in Violtet (PixelDolls has been really wonderful over the last several weeks in offering a number of freebies). The ufo Mami’s vintage pants are from The Pookie Flea Market. The Kookie Lazies – Night Shoes were a 50 Linden Friday item. The LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace was a previous offering at The Dressing Room.

Here are more of the PixelDolls freebies…the Leslie top in Violet  and Summer skirt in Charcoal is also available at the main location. Also featured: Malfean Visions Admiral’s Stiletto Boots in Black ($60L Weekend),  The
Hair/Hat is from Djinn & Tonic – Rosalind in Merlot, and featured at the Potter’s Field event.

Also featuerd at The Pookie Flea Market is u.f.o. Cina Vintage OP Turkish Delight Dress.The hair is one of the Posh freebie hairs –  Posh Egotistical Hair in Scarlet. The W Lace Black Bolero is an older item from my inventory. The shoes are Kiwi Trios Sandal in Black, and the jewelry is from Twisted and Spoiled and was featured at the Black and Blue Fair.

The dress, stockings, and necklace above are from Ironik Kitties and were featured for 60 Linden Weekend. Boots were also a part of the outfit but I liked these shoes from my inventory better. They are from Red Shoe and I am not sure if they are still available. The hair and hat is the same Djinn and Tonic item shown in a picture above,  from the Potter’s Field event.

The pictures in this post feature TIK-TOK Fae skin (Lazy Sunday item). Posse by exposeur and LAP.


Gotta love a place that lets you dance on the tables

I saw the notice for a special $5L promotional pose pack (from LyndzMatic) at 2 monkeyz sl, so I teleported to the store expecting a great bargain. What I didn’t expect was find a really fun shop. The store is set up like a 1950’s diner, with the tables as the pose stands and the arrows on the booth seats. So, when your avatar is trying out poses, it is literally “dancing on the tables” (or posing on them, as the case may be).

There’s also a freebie pose pack near the door, and regular priced poses are only $30L.

Clothing: SYSY’s Ruby Jumpsuit
Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin ($69L Humpday – may still be out)
Hair: 69 Diva in Mauve (note: the SLURL for 69 floating round on blogs does not work, I will post the new one!)
Jewelry: Avon & Alpha Diamond of Lover Jewelry
Pose by LyndzMatic, which is where this picture was taken

Note: there should be at least two or three other posts today, as I crank out images of the sample items from several of the sales. I was on SL off and on for 4 hours last night – off for making dinner, doing various other RL necessities, and watching the Fringe season finale (which was awesome, BTW, and I predicted what was going to happen about half way through). I finally got images from some of the sale outfits as well as deleting about 1500 items from my inventory.