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Brief update and Seasons Hunt

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I have a little project I’m working on that is taking up most of my time in SL. I’m very excited about it, and I hope to be able to post some more information about it soon.

I did take some time off to do the Seasons Hunt, and it has been a pleasant hunt experience. Very few of the hunt objects were hidden in difficult places (in fact, many of them were extremely obvious).

There was one store (name withheld) that I completely avoided because it is huge and,  in  a previous hunt, the owner(s)/management  made it extremely difficult to find their gift (which IMO ended up not being worth the time everyone had to invest to find it). There were a few others I didn’t do because I knew the gift was something I wasn’t interested in.

Overall, the quality of the items is really good on this hunt. Yes, there are some gimmicky  autumn-related things, but mostly the gifts are  wearable and usable items, nicely designed, and many qualifying for a permanent spot in your inventory.  Special kudos to Ingenue (for a very cute dress) and LISP Bazaar (for a very nice set of two easy chairs with the typical LISP attention to quality and detail). There are others that I should likely mention as well, so let me just add that if you’re thinking of doing a hunt, this is a good one to go for. The aggravation factor is low (with just a few exceptions), and the prizes are more than worth the time you’ll likely put into it. Here’s a link to the official hunt blog.


Poses and more poses

No new pix this morning. Apparently Google docs ate the picture that I attempted to upload there for safekeeping early this morning. We had a late night last nigh IRL, and I was having some Linden Home problems as well (the good news there is that SL Support did respond fairly quickly when I contacted them via chat). It’s very distressing to use the SL-supplied link to teleport to your Linden Home only to find yourself in the “basement” and unable to get to the “first floor.”

So, in lieu of the planned picture, let me just give you a little scoop. This is a good week for picking up poses in Second Life. Not only are there the poses from Vivaposes and estetica available at the Black and Blue Fair (open to the public at 4pm SLT today!!!) but also I discovered yesterday that Posers4Posers is going out of business and all poses are heavily discounted.

Five great things you’ll find at the Black and Blue Fair

  1. Great fashion looks from high couture to goth and grunge.
  2. Skins, skins, skins!
  3. Lots of pretty jewelry.
  4. Oodles of poses from estetica, and they’re all low priced!
  5. The $10L and under section! Wowie!

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Alexohl Moonshine Dress, Mango Mango Wild Rose Pale Skin, Twisted and Spoiled Heart Jewelry Set, estetica pose
Not from fair: BDR Antonella Hair in Magenta (XStreetSL freebie), Ezura Bobow Pumps in Red

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Magika The in Auburn Red Hair, III Romanica Pants and Latica Corset, III Pearls are for Girls Necklace, estetica pose
Not from Fair:  JZ Design Minx Denim Shoes

Above, from the upcoming Black and Blue Fair…
Magika Jenny Hair Brown in Sienna (includes Hat), Indie Rose BBF Mini Dress and Jacket in Black, Schismphrenic ES Blue Lolita Pinup Rita Skin, estetica pose
Not from fair:  Ezura Bobow Pumps in Red

Gotta love a place that lets you dance on the tables

I saw the notice for a special $5L promotional pose pack (from LyndzMatic) at 2 monkeyz sl, so I teleported to the store expecting a great bargain. What I didn’t expect was find a really fun shop. The store is set up like a 1950’s diner, with the tables as the pose stands and the arrows on the booth seats. So, when your avatar is trying out poses, it is literally “dancing on the tables” (or posing on them, as the case may be).

There’s also a freebie pose pack near the door, and regular priced poses are only $30L.

Clothing: SYSY’s Ruby Jumpsuit
Skin: MangoMango Jelly Pale Skin ($69L Humpday – may still be out)
Hair: 69 Diva in Mauve (note: the SLURL for 69 floating round on blogs does not work, I will post the new one!)
Jewelry: Avon & Alpha Diamond of Lover Jewelry
Pose by LyndzMatic, which is where this picture was taken

Note: there should be at least two or three other posts today, as I crank out images of the sample items from several of the sales. I was on SL off and on for 4 hours last night – off for making dinner, doing various other RL necessities, and watching the Fringe season finale (which was awesome, BTW, and I predicted what was going to happen about half way through). I finally got images from some of the sale outfits as well as deleting about 1500 items from my inventory.

Easter weekend highs and lows

Well, I got into the Pose Fair both Friday and Saturday, and I am happy (as a user/shopper) to report that the lag wasn’t nearly as bad as the Accessory Fair. I picked up some great poses from $0L to $50L and can’t wait to try them.

There were lots of freebies and hunts and other promotions this weekend, and I have some great new stuff. In addition, I’ve made some real progress on my Linden Home and am ALMOST ready to put up a new article about low-prim furnishings (hopefully this week).

On the bad side…I started getting errors this weekend when trying to teleport to certain stores. The first was Lemania, so I missed all their promotions this weekend. When attempting to teleport, I got the following error:

Sometimes I’ve gotten this error when a sim is down, but I kept seeing notices from Lemania, so I suspected that wasn’t the case. So I went into chat on the SL Divine Divas group, just to make sure that I had the current landmark and not an old one (Lemania updated their store last week, I think). Sure enough, the landmark I had was correct, and others were able to teleport.

I just put it all in the back of my mind, since it was only one store. But then it happened with another store, in a different region. With the second store, I tried teleporting to an area close to the store’s region and flying in. And then I got a different error when I attempted to land…an error saying age verification was needed.

Well, I’d done the age verification thing a long time ago, my preferences were set to allow me in all age levels of regions, and as a premium user, my payment info is on file. So I should not be having problems teleporting to an adult region.

So…I can’t get on live chat right now for premium support, but I’ve started a post at the Second Life Questions blog on this issue, hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on.