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Ivalde and L’Abel with two sides of Lamb

Neferia Abel is one of the most consistent fashion designers in SL as far as vision and style, IMO. For those who don’t know, Neferia has two brands…Ivalde is pure vintage and historical styles, and L’Abel is contemporary clothing that usually has a vintage influence.  Each brand is included in a featured event this week. For Fashionably Late, Neferia has featured a delicate grey early 1960s-inspired dress called “Joan” (cue obvious Mad Men reference) under the Ivalde label. For Moody Monday,  L’Abel features a sweet top and capri set that hints at both country and regency influences (put that bodice on a long dress, and you’d pass for one of the Bennett sisters’ friends). I’m personally thrilled to see Neferia tempering the country influences because I haven’t been as thrilled with the “farmer girl” leanings of her latest L’Abel designs in the Summer Country Chic Collection. Hopefully, this is asign that the brand will be moving, at least a little, away from that.

Matched with these outfits are some high-quality freebies. Run, don’t walk, to Lamb and pick up the two freebie hair fatpacks available for a limited time.  The Lindsay Angel Pale skin was a Lucky Board prize at Mambo Chic.

Poses by Still Life.



The Sea Hole $50L Sale…and my own private beach getaway

The Sea Hole is having one of their occasional $50L sales. One color on just about every item in the store is specially marked down. You’ll see the special symbol when you get to the store. Words can simply not do it justice 🙂

Since all the items I picked up at the sale were rather summery, I thought I might find a suitable beach location for shots. Now, I love the beach, and I love virtual beaches even more (no sand between my toes!). However, doing a public photo shoot is rather dicey. One has to find a private place to change clothes, and as post a short time ago noted, beach sims can take a high toll on the processing ability of less-than-new computers.

I really wanted a private beach to myself, but the only land I own is landlocked. So these pictures are taken at my new sky platform. It’s one of Garth Wizenheim’s sky islands, available on the Marketplace and at his Skybox Store inworld.  I bought a 32 x 32 Castaway Island Skybox which fits perfectly on my 1034 lot. There are styles as small as 16 x 32 and larger than 100 x 100. Most are priced in the $450L to $700L range, and include water and wave animations. Some include underwater reefs. All are low prim.

I may never go back to a public beach again!

In case you’re wondering….the gold shoes in the first pic are from G Field. In the last picture, I have apart of a freebie top from STC under the one piece romper, because I was in serious danger of a wardrobe malfunction otherwise. The hair in all three pics is one of the A&A freebie hairs in the Marketplace, and the skin is from Glam Affair at the latest Dressing Room. And if I stay out in the sun much longer, I’ll need the other skin available now at TDR…a very cute sunburnt skin from YS&YS.


PixelDolls has been having a fantastic sale at their flagship location….most outfits are $25L  Hurry, because today is the final day!

Above:PixelDolls Timepiece 012 Outfit. Also featured: Glam Affair Castalla Vampire Skin B (previous TDR), Truth – Padma Hair in Blood.  Pose by tea.

Above:  Pixel Dolls Timepiece 002 Outfit. Also featured: lassitude & ennui Miss Dandy boots, Glam Affair Eva Skin with Winter Makeup (current TDR), Audacity Kate Hair in Pomegranate. Pose by Tea

Above: PixelDolls Antique 02 Outfit. Also featured: Shag Sonnet Hair in Fever, Dulce Secrets Keke Skin in Amaretto Natural. Pose by doll

Above: PixelDolls Antique 003 Outfit. Also featured: ChiChickie! Dani Hair in Mahogany (free group gift), Exodi Isolde Skin in Cachet (former TDR). Pose by !Bang

Not only cutesy…S@BBiA and Dilly Dolls sales

Two brands that are typically associate with “cute” clothing are having big sales right now. Today I’m going to show examples of how these typically “girly” looks can be slightly reworked, playing up more sophisticated styling.

S@BBiA‘s clothing tends to be light colored with feminine details. However, the dress below is more on the dark and bold side, even with a floral print poof skirt. To enhance the more bold feel, I’ve added a metal statement necklace from Glo Studio (avail able from The Dressing Room Blue), black high-heeled sandals from DbT, and a straight pony-tail hairstyle from Posh (one of the freebies from the grand opening pack at The Rumor sim). The skin is TikTok Stella medium (group gift). Pose by exposeur.

Dilly Dolls, on the other hand, tends toward the Goth Lolita look…lots of black and rich colors, short full skirts, lace and bows. Some of the styles available are more sophisticated then the typical “dolly” look. The dress below is called “Kammy”  features a longer, less-full skirt, and comes with the long pearl necklace. The black lace stockings are from my inventory. The Hair is from LollipopZ’s recent sale – Inspire Hair in Bronze Brown. The Vintage Screw Back Earrings are from Dark Mouse. The shoes are from a group gift by Maltreya. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam. The pose is from exposeur.

Below is another Dilly Dolls look, one that that moves back a little to the feminine Goth Lolita style, but with a longer skirt and vintage influences.

The dress is Shandi in Dark Teal (comes with matching tights, not shown).  The jewelry is Dark Mouse’s Vintage 50’s Diamond and Pearls Set. The hair is Clawtooth: The Morning After in Coco. The skin is Piece of Mind Classique Glam and the pose is by exposeur.

Baubles freebie, Doppleganger maxi dress, and Cupcakes $25L goodness

Well, I’m having challenges in my new place, mostly due to my newness at rezzing houses, but also due to Linden Labs woeful lack of promptness at technical support (more on that soon @ 117Prims). I did manage to get up my photo studio to take a couple of shots last night. I have ditched my previous moderately-priced photo studio because it was taking sooooo loooonnngggg to load backdrops. My replacement photo studio is from Chic Aeon, owner of Baubles and writer of the Chic at Phil’s Place blog. I was sorry to read recently that Chic is closing Baubles, but I’m hopeful that the photo studio will still be available on XStreetSL/Second Life Marketplace. The Boho Jewelry featured in the outfit below is free from Baubles for a limited time, so hurry on over and get the goodness. I’ve paired it with a cute maxi dress from Doppleganger, Inc. The hair in this picture and the next is from LoQ, which is having a fantastic sale right now.

Now, let me tell you about the cute dress below. Cupcakes sent out a message to their group members about some newly-added bargains in their sale area. I teleported right over and snapped up some very nice items. This dress, called Lily, is way too cute to be only $25L!

The skin in both pictures is Mango Mango Vamp Spring, and the poses are by Vivaposes.

Pacadi skin sale, Emjay sale, and discovering Fore

Pacadi has been back for a while with a smaller store, and when I stopped by recently I was excited that the skins were on sale. I really wanted to try some of them, and I picked up a couple skins at the low price (I think it was about $79L). The skin featured below is Pacadi Hypnose Skin Line/Pale 12A, a fair skin with a pretty blush on the cheeks. Several colors of manicured nails (as glove items) are included with the skins.

I also checked out two stores that were “new to me” this weekend.

Emjay is having a One Year Anniversary Sale till July 13th (thanks to KawaiiNicole Piers for mentioning it on her blog). The store features casual dresses and sportswear. Here are two looks I picked up at Emjay’s sale.

Emjay Green Floral BabyDoll Dress. Also featured: Ear Candy Congo Inspired Jewelry, Tiny Bird Hair – Into My Arms in Dark Cherry (sale still going on!),
Duh! Spring Flats in Parchment.

Emjay Linen Capri in Olive ($50L) and Sash Top in Olive ($50L). Also featured: Mariposa Jewels Augmentation Bracelet in Bronze/Jade (free), Duh! White Alysun Espadrille (group gift), Simply Britnee Gladis Hair in Cherry.

I really liked the Emjay clothing items I purchased, but I will throw out one caution…the cuffs on pants don’t have mod permissions and therefore can’t be stretched to fit larger-than-skinny thighs. As you can see I had a little issue with that on the Olive capris. I also bought a pair of long plaid shorts where the problem is even worse (maybe my avatar’s thighs are less skinny than her calves, who knows?).

The other new-to-me store I visited was Fore, which I found out from a post about some free lace trim t-shirts from val southard’s blog, my.secondlife.free. Fore has youthful clothing that is mostly very feminine (many of the pieces have lace trim). Featured below is a matching babydoll dress and leggings. The prices were very reasonable (the dress around $100L and the leggings around $30L). The lace trimmed t-shirts are still available as freebies, BTW.

Fore Classic OP Grey Dress and Fore Lace Zip Leggings in Grey. Also featured: Twisted and Spoiled Black and Blue Heart Jewelry (from the Black and Blue Fair), CC Design Pumps Black Bow in Grey, Lamb Sleepyhead Hair in Sun-Dried Tomato.

All poses by VivaPoses.

Long holiday weekend: Twinkle Night Bazaar, hair sales, and more

Last night I visited the charming Twinkle Night Bazaar. Each featured vendor has placed a few items for sale, none over $50L.

When you teleport into the location, let things rez for a moment, turn around and look for the sign below.

Follow in the direction of the arrow and you will find yourself on a path with vendors on each side. The path winds up a hill.

As one might expect from the name, the theme is related to stars, constellations, and the night sky. I found that the quality of items varied widely, and some were a little too “cute” for me. Here’s a couple of dresses that I liked.

This long sundress is the Oyakin Aslan oop Dress in Green. It’s also available in blue. The rest of the items are not from the event –  DbT Delliah Olive Leather Sandal (former Fab Free gift), Tiny Bird Sunset Soon Forgotten Hair in Deep Red (sale this weekend), Magic Nook Moon River Necklace in Gold/Turquoise (I think this is from Operation Squeegee) and the Tik Tok Sabrina Light Skin (group gift). The pose is by Glitterati.

This sweet little dress is the Tomato, Tomato Somnolence dress. One really sweat feature of this dress is that as one’s avatar moves, the stars pick up and float for a moment before settling again. Also featured in this picture is  Simply Britnee Cleopatra II Hair in Marron (sale this weekend), and Ohh-la-Licious Reduc Vanilla Bubblegum skin. Pose by LAP.

The two hair stores featured in these pictures – Simply Britnee and Tiny Bird –  are having major sales this weekend. Tiny Bird is having a 50% off sale on everything except collaborations. Simply Brinee has many styles marked down to $1L, $25L, $50L and $100L. This is a great chance to stock up on some hair. I use big sales like this to fill in “gaps” in my inventory hair selection.