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Integrity in a Vitrual Universe

The story of U.S. congressional representative Anthony Weiner has dominated news in my country for the last week, as well as provided tons of fuel for late-nite talk show comics on television. Much has been said, and there’s likely much more that will be said in the coming weeks – in congress, on television news, on radio talk shows, around dinner tables,  and throughout the internet.

I’m going to take a little different approach in my discussion here, bringing the topic around to a bigger issue. The Representative’s behavior occurred within the context of social networking, which is closely linked to (and related to) the virtual universe of Second Life. While Rep. Weiner made no effort to hide his identity (which actually may give us a lot of clues regarding his psychological state), many others engage in similar behavior behind the apparent anonymity of the internet. Many people even “try on” behaviors that they would never be associated with in the non-virtual world. And that brings me to the topic of this post…

What does it mean to be a person of integrity in the virtual world?

Is that something important to you personally?

I’m going to be focusing on this topic for some upcoming posts. I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts,  you are welcome to add your comments.  I encourage you to explore this topic, or similar topics on your own blog as well.


In a crazy, mixed up (SL) world…

…it’s nice to find pretty, feminine dresses for free.

Yeah, I had problems logging in this morning, so I apologize in advance because these pictures are going to be darker then usual. I really wanted to blog about these dresses, so I ran to an internet cafe at lunchtime and snapped these pictures from my laptop. Well, I didn’t have my customized lighting settings on the laptop, and rather than spend another 15 minutes putting in on the laptop, I just set the lighting to midday. In addition, I recently moved to a different Linden Home and in the process, lost my customizable pose stand (I still have my poses, just not the stand). Sometimes you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone. The stand I lost was really flexible and lifted the model a nice distance above the stand. The first one I pulled out to try today didn’t lift the model, and wouldn’t disappear, so my avi’s feet were sunk into the stand. Bummer.

So, on to the dresses.

This sweet little number was a Weatherbys freebie dress from one day last week. I loved this dress so much that I hopped around in it for a couple of days.

Dress: Weatherbys #312 BarbaraJane

The dress below is another freebie from the Urban Shopper 3rd Birthday Celebration last weekend. I love the lace detail on this dress. The back is beautiful as well; it goes into a long v with the lace edging.

Dress: Impossible – Lena

The third dress is another Weatherbys freebie dress, this time from earlier this week.

A little longer than the first dress above – this one’s about knee length. The detail on the bodice and the waistband is really cute!

Dress: Weatherbys #394 – Mrs. Lupin

The hair featured here is the same one I featured in the PixelDolls post, the Amacci Hair Adena in Brown Sable. All shades of Adena were available as a free gift for the opening of the Hair Only sim.

Poses used above are from Long Awkward Poses and No Strings Attached. Skin is Mango Mango Blood Lust Pale, featured in this past Wednesday’s Hump Day Madness promotion (and despite the name, you can see that it’s not necessarily a “vampire” skin, it’s really quite pretty for general purpose use).

Ten reasons why shopping in Second Life is better than shopping in real life!

10. The store always has your size, even in clearance items.
9. If you don’t like the way the style looks on your body, just change your body!
8. No matter how high your heels, your feet never get tired from all that shopping!
7. If you think the outfit would look better with longer hair, you can grow yours in an instant!
6. Shop in Japan and seconds later, teleport to France.
5. Stores open 24/7.
4. Promotions almost every day of the week, somewhere.
3. You’ll almost never find an annoying salesperson in SL.
2. Much less expensive than shopping in real life!
1. Freebies!

Ten Second Life shopping annoyances

10. The person who decides to annoy everyone in range. Two especially bad examples I’ve witnessed: using voice chat to harass with obscene language; and slex in the middle of a store in a PG rated sim.
9. Stores with so much fancy architecture/interior design that the sim takes forever to rez.
8. Robo-greeters, especially those who are annoying, distracting, or in the way.
7. Not being able to find a promotion that’s supposedly in-store.
6. Having to wait a long time for a lucky chair to rez.
5. Overly-hidden hunt items (SteamPunk Hunt was especially tricky).
4. Inaccurate item pictures/items not as “advertised”
3. Hard-to-find outlet/clearance sections.
2. Finding out that the great store you’re visiting for the first time is extremely pricey.
1. Two dreaded words: sim lag.