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Ten reasons why shopping in Second Life is better than shopping in real life!

10. The store always has your size, even in clearance items.
9. If you don’t like the way the style looks on your body, just change your body!
8. No matter how high your heels, your feet never get tired from all that shopping!
7. If you think the outfit would look better with longer hair, you can grow yours in an instant!
6. Shop in Japan and seconds later, teleport to France.
5. Stores open 24/7.
4. Promotions almost every day of the week, somewhere.
3. You’ll almost never find an annoying salesperson in SL.
2. Much less expensive than shopping in real life!
1. Freebies!


Ten Second Life shopping annoyances

10. The person who decides to annoy everyone in range. Two especially bad examples I’ve witnessed: using voice chat to harass with obscene language; and slex in the middle of a store in a PG rated sim.
9. Stores with so much fancy architecture/interior design that the sim takes forever to rez.
8. Robo-greeters, especially those who are annoying, distracting, or in the way.
7. Not being able to find a promotion that’s supposedly in-store.
6. Having to wait a long time for a lucky chair to rez.
5. Overly-hidden hunt items (SteamPunk Hunt was especially tricky).
4. Inaccurate item pictures/items not as “advertised”
3. Hard-to-find outlet/clearance sections.
2. Finding out that the great store you’re visiting for the first time is extremely pricey.
1. Two dreaded words: sim lag.