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Easter weekend highs and lows

Well, I got into the Pose Fair both Friday and Saturday, and I am happy (as a user/shopper) to report that the lag wasn’t nearly as bad as the Accessory Fair. I picked up some great poses from $0L to $50L and can’t wait to try them.

There were lots of freebies and hunts and other promotions this weekend, and I have some great new stuff. In addition, I’ve made some real progress on my Linden Home and am ALMOST ready to put up a new article about low-prim furnishings (hopefully this week).

On the bad side…I started getting errors this weekend when trying to teleport to certain stores. The first was Lemania, so I missed all their promotions this weekend. When attempting to teleport, I got the following error:

Sometimes I’ve gotten this error when a sim is down, but I kept seeing notices from Lemania, so I suspected that wasn’t the case. So I went into chat on the SL Divine Divas group, just to make sure that I had the current landmark and not an old one (Lemania updated their store last week, I think). Sure enough, the landmark I had was correct, and others were able to teleport.

I just put it all in the back of my mind, since it was only one store. But then it happened with another store, in a different region. With the second store, I tried teleporting to an area close to the store’s region and flying in. And then I got a different error when I attempted to land…an error saying age verification was needed.

Well, I’d done the age verification thing a long time ago, my preferences were set to allow me in all age levels of regions, and as a premium user, my payment info is on file. So I should not be having problems teleporting to an adult region.

So…I can’t get on live chat right now for premium support, but I’ve started a post at the Second Life Questions blog on this issue, hoping someone can help me figure out what is going on.


Ten reasons why shopping in Second Life is better than shopping in real life!

10. The store always has your size, even in clearance items.
9. If you don’t like the way the style looks on your body, just change your body!
8. No matter how high your heels, your feet never get tired from all that shopping!
7. If you think the outfit would look better with longer hair, you can grow yours in an instant!
6. Shop in Japan and seconds later, teleport to France.
5. Stores open 24/7.
4. Promotions almost every day of the week, somewhere.
3. You’ll almost never find an annoying salesperson in SL.
2. Much less expensive than shopping in real life!
1. Freebies!

Ten Second Life shopping annoyances

10. The person who decides to annoy everyone in range. Two especially bad examples I’ve witnessed: using voice chat to harass with obscene language; and slex in the middle of a store in a PG rated sim.
9. Stores with so much fancy architecture/interior design that the sim takes forever to rez.
8. Robo-greeters, especially those who are annoying, distracting, or in the way.
7. Not being able to find a promotion that’s supposedly in-store.
6. Having to wait a long time for a lucky chair to rez.
5. Overly-hidden hunt items (SteamPunk Hunt was especially tricky).
4. Inaccurate item pictures/items not as “advertised”
3. Hard-to-find outlet/clearance sections.
2. Finding out that the great store you’re visiting for the first time is extremely pricey.
1. Two dreaded words: sim lag.