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Summer of Love Fair Freebie

Every time I’ve returned to The Summer of Love Fair, I’ve found something new in the densly packed rooms. On my last visit, I spied this freebie dress with matching jewelry!

I’m still wearing (and loving) the III Summer Tone Skin 2 – Although I do have some wonderful new non-summery skins that I’m just waiting for the right outfit to pair with! Summer of love Fair: aDiva Couture Summer Slash Outfit, includes jewelry (Freebie)
Not from fair: Pocket Mirrors Margot Curls Majestic  and pose by LoveSick.


My posting frequency over the next few days is likely to be lower than typical. IRL there’s lots of family stuff going on. In SL, I need some major inventory cleaning, and I’m in the process of moving onto a piece of mainland. My plan right now is to have a skybox for photoshoots and the ground area for staging houses and home furnishings (yes, 1117Prims will still be 117 prims, because even though I personally don’t have a Linden Home at this point, Linden Home owners, those who rent and or purchase small lots of land, etc. still need low prim home furnishings).I’m hoping that the extra prim allowance will help me have a better setup for both blogs.


The Summer of Love Fair opens soon!

A few more goodies to show you from The Summer of Love Fair, which runs between July 18th and August 8th.

Traparenze Dress from Baiastice, and Heart N Soul River Shoes from the SOL Fair Hunt
$DUSTARZ$  Gem Necklace, from the SOL Fair, not free

Not from the fair: Tiny Bird Kissy Kissy Hair in Deep Red and pose by Glitterati.

Margarida Dress in Pink amd LiNe Pufy DOts Necklace from SOL Fair (not free)

Not from Fair: Junwave Ayano in Dark Brown Hair, Pose by Glitterati

The skin in both photos is III Sumer Tone Skin 2 Freebie from SOL Fair

…and more from The Summer of Love Fair

Just a sampling of some of the great stuff you’ll find at The Summer of Love Fair, coming soon!

1800-B*Glamor Gown

From Holli Pocket

Shush Oversized BF Shirt in Lavender – top from Broken Doll Garden of Sheer Dress in Purple

Poses are from Look@me and are available at the fair too!

Not from fair: Dulce Secrets Mariah Skin in Vodka
Tiny Bird Sunset Soon Forgotten Hair in Copper Brown

More from the Summer of Love Fair

I found out something else really neat about The Summer of Love Fair…there’s also a hunt with lots of freebies!  When  you get to the fair, be sure to click on the question marks. You’ll get information on a number of mental health conditions…be sure to read them. The information in those notices could even help save the life of someone you love. I’m speaking from personal experience as the mother of one daughter with early-onset Bipolar Disorder, and another daughter with an eating disorder.

There’s another benefit to clicking on the question marks – because many of them will also dispatch to you yummy freebies by many well known designers in Second Life. The skin in the picture below is one of those freebies, from III. And it’s really, really cute, with a sweet smattering of freckles on the face. The T-Shirts below are $40L each, and just perfect for navigating the fair as part of a low-prim outfit.

More info about the fair coming soon!

The Summer of Love Fair

Well, I did manage to sneak a peak at The Summer of Love Fair tonight, after all…and, wow. I think you are all going to be impressed with the variety of items featured. Many different styles of clothing…skins….poses….shoes. And furniture! Some great furniture at really good prices! I snapped a few pictures before SL totally crashed on me, so here are some teasers…look at just a small sample of what you have to look forward to in a few days!

Dresses from Ducknipple

Poses and more from Glam Affair, and furniture from What’s Next.
(Yes, I had time to change my clothes before I got there. The dress is not from the fair; it  is from the discount room at So Many Styles.)

Look at these pretty dresses from Donna Flora.
I just had to go ahead and pick up the one on the left!

Well, it’s past my bedtime here on the East Coast of the USA.
I have work tomorrow, and a teenage daughter to track down.
So, I’ll be signing off for the evening. Keep your eyes open
for the SLURL to The Summer of Love Fair, opening later this week! And
pick up a few Lindens, you’re going to want to spend ’em!

Pout (Summer of Love Fair)

So, the Summer of Love Fair was supposed to have a preview for participating bloggers tonight. I teleported over there after getting the notice, and promptly fell through the sky and landed on the ground…somewhere (I’m not allowed to tell just where). There was a building nearby and I went in. I think I was in someone’s home (sorry!). Then I walked towards the next building I saw, but apparently I stumbled upon some private land and got the automated warning that I better get lost quick or else. Two people were nearby and one said hi to me. I apologized for intruding and hit the teleport again. This time I landed beside a blinking ban line that said I wasn’t allowed to access the parcel. Looking on the map, I saw an area nearby where a lot of people were gathering, but I was not allowed to go there. So I went home and pouted, for a while. Because it’s been THAT KIND OF DAY. In real life too. I won’t go into that. But I will remind you that the fair is opening to the general public very soon, and promises to have some great items available from some of Second Life’s best and most popular shops, and the whole point is to raise awareness about mental health, which is such an important issue. I have gotten a few preview pieces…in fact, I was wearing some of the items when I attempted to get to the blogger event…so, here’s a peak while I pout!

Alexchol Bellini Shorts in Blue,  Summerland Tank Top in Pink, Sea Breeze Bikini Top (all will be available at the Summer of Love Fair!)
Not from fair: Bang Bang Scorned Skin, Gos Espadrilles in Fuchsia (this color is on special!), Lamb Sleepyhead Hair in Blood Fruit. Pose by  LoveSick.