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The Sea Hole $50L Sale…and my own private beach getaway

The Sea Hole is having one of their occasional $50L sales. One color on just about every item in the store is specially marked down. You’ll see the special symbol when you get to the store. Words can simply not do it justice 🙂

Since all the items I picked up at the sale were rather summery, I thought I might find a suitable beach location for shots. Now, I love the beach, and I love virtual beaches even more (no sand between my toes!). However, doing a public photo shoot is rather dicey. One has to find a private place to change clothes, and as post a short time ago noted, beach sims can take a high toll on the processing ability of less-than-new computers.

I really wanted a private beach to myself, but the only land I own is landlocked. So these pictures are taken at my new sky platform. It’s one of Garth Wizenheim’s sky islands, available on the Marketplace and at his Skybox Store inworld.  I bought a 32 x 32 Castaway Island Skybox which fits perfectly on my 1034 lot. There are styles as small as 16 x 32 and larger than 100 x 100. Most are priced in the $450L to $700L range, and include water and wave animations. Some include underwater reefs. All are low prim.

I may never go back to a public beach again!

In case you’re wondering….the gold shoes in the first pic are from G Field. In the last picture, I have apart of a freebie top from STC under the one piece romper, because I was in serious danger of a wardrobe malfunction otherwise. The hair in all three pics is one of the A&A freebie hairs in the Marketplace, and the skin is from Glam Affair at the latest Dressing Room. And if I stay out in the sun much longer, I’ll need the other skin available now at TDR…a very cute sunburnt skin from YS&YS.