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On the hunt part 2: how to be a happy hunter (and help your fellow hunters stay happy too)

(This post focus on suggestions for hunters. If you’d like to read my previous post with suggestions for merchants,  click here.)

So, the Taste of Second Life Hunt has begun, and promises to be a rewarding experience for those with the patience to participate in the hunt. Here are some suggestions on how to make the hunt experience more pleasant for both yourself and others.

Hunt helps…

  1. Join the hunt group. The group chat will usually be a helpful place to get additional hints, and in most hunt groups, any  problems with locations will be posted in group notices.
  2. Set your graphics settings to the lowest level (for speed) and then set the following higher in debug settings (try 2.5 for each as a test): RenderAvatarLOD, RenderVolumeLOD, RenderTextureMemoryMultiple. Hopefully this combination will give you speed but also texture and prim detail.
  3. Move all hunt items into an inventory folder for that hunt. If you are doing the hunt over a number of days, you can easily check  the folder to avoid duplicates.
  4. Check out the hunt’s official blog site, and other sites that specialize in reporting  hunts, like SL Freebie Hunters.
  5. If the area’s environment is set to nighttime, set your environment time of day to midday.
  6. If you’re short on time, try doing your favorite stores on a hunt list, followed by smaller stores. Larger stores tend to be more difficult…with prim-heavy large furniture stores the worst!
  7. Practice the art and skill of “camming”…moving your camera around without moving your avatar, using the camera arrows in the “view” popup. A sweep at your normal “eye level” is likely a good first step…follow that up with a sweep near the ceiling.
  8. As you look around, notice signage and decorative objects. If the “camming” sweep doesn’t reveal the object, next look behind and under these objects (smaller stores won’t even have very many of these).
  9. As you hunt in a specific store, notice the location of other hunters. If there is an area of the store where you see a lot of people going to and staying for a while…and especially if you see people disappear from this area (teleport out to another location)…the hunt item is likely located nearby.

Do unto others…

This second section is about behaviors during hunts that are inconsiderate of other people.  I’ve witnessed each of these…many of these multiple times.

  1. Don’t wear HUDs and animations that have you bouncing around the whole area.
  2. Don’t wear massive  head pieces and other clothing items that will obstruct other hunter’s views.
  3. Do follow the K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple, stupid) with your clothing, wearing low prim counts. This helps reduce the lag in busy sims.
  4. Don’t give people hints unless they want them. Some people absolutely hate to be given hints.
  5. Don’t fill up local chat with endless empty chatter, or worse yet, with rude or crude chatter.
  6. And last but certainly not least…the hunt locations are NOT your bedroom. Yep, I’ve witnessed that, and it was not pleasant.