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After-the-holidays cleanup

I’m still working my way through the bounty of gifts and promotional priced items that I received during the Christmas season in SL. Needless to say, my inventory is overloaded and needs to get back to some semblance of organization. As I go through and attempt to organize, I’ll try and share some of the highlights.

The Hair and Hat above  was a group gift from Truth, called “Snow Kitty” I love how the hair poofs out from under the hat! The sweater is from Bang Bang – an opening giftie for the Oh my Stars! Sim. The pants are from Havana Nights, and the coat from FIR & MNA. The skin is called Camilla and is from Natural Beauty – formerly known as Tik Tok.. The Pose is by !Bang.


Vintage memories from Whippet and Buck

Whippet and Buck is a Second Life brand for which I have gradually developed a great appreciation.Many of the store’s pieces reflect vintage influences. When I was putting together this outfit, I thought of the period around the turn of the 20th century…Gibson Girls and the movie “Somewhere in Time.” All my avi needs is a bustle and a longer skit, perhaps some lace up boots instead of the pumps, and she’s so there!

W&B Claven Lace Blouse, featured exclusive item at W&B’s LE.LOOK  store
W&B Victoria High Waist Pencil Skirt, Stumblebum item from W&B’s mainstore

Also featured:  Mango!Mango! Fresh Vamp Skin, Gos Platform Pump, Happy Finds Vintage Flower Necklace, ploom Dusty Beehive Hair in Cinnamon. Pose by o’m.

Jill Closing Sale + Platinum Hunt + Vinyl Cafe giftie

I haven’t been a major fan of the clothing at  Jill, but wow, handing out freebies when your store is closing is a very nice “thank you” to your customers. And what is not free is heavily marked down. Hurry over, because the store is closing August 11th.  The outfit on the left is one of three freebies. The top on the right (with scarf) is only $50L.

Also featured: ploom Dot Hair from Platinum Hunt, Vinyl Cafe Group Gift Shoes, HeartSick skin from the Platinum Hunt.  Pose by Doll.

From the weekend

The deal of the weekend was definitely Posh‘s freebie hair gift pack, released to celebrate the opening of The Rumor sim. The hairstyle featured above is Posh Rosey Love Hair in Scarrlet, Also featured: PixelDolls Mira Top in Violtet (PixelDolls has been really wonderful over the last several weeks in offering a number of freebies). The ufo Mami’s vintage pants are from The Pookie Flea Market. The Kookie Lazies – Night Shoes were a 50 Linden Friday item. The LaGyo Crystal Long Necklace was a previous offering at The Dressing Room.

Here are more of the PixelDolls freebies…the Leslie top in Violet  and Summer skirt in Charcoal is also available at the main location. Also featured: Malfean Visions Admiral’s Stiletto Boots in Black ($60L Weekend),  The
Hair/Hat is from Djinn & Tonic – Rosalind in Merlot, and featured at the Potter’s Field event.

Also featuerd at The Pookie Flea Market is u.f.o. Cina Vintage OP Turkish Delight Dress.The hair is one of the Posh freebie hairs –  Posh Egotistical Hair in Scarlet. The W Lace Black Bolero is an older item from my inventory. The shoes are Kiwi Trios Sandal in Black, and the jewelry is from Twisted and Spoiled and was featured at the Black and Blue Fair.

The dress, stockings, and necklace above are from Ironik Kitties and were featured for 60 Linden Weekend. Boots were also a part of the outfit but I liked these shoes from my inventory better. They are from Red Shoe and I am not sure if they are still available. The hair and hat is the same Djinn and Tonic item shown in a picture above,  from the Potter’s Field event.

The pictures in this post feature TIK-TOK Fae skin (Lazy Sunday item). Posse by exposeur and LAP.

Up here, the air is clear…Car Wash Cart Sale and more

I finally got a skybox rezzed above my new land last night (you can read more about that at 117prims). The skybox I chose to rez wasn’t quite tall enough to handle my photo studio, so I improvised, moving some lights down for the time being. Wow…there’s a lot less lag up there.  Here’s the Cupcakes dress I featured yesterday; I seem to have so much more detail on it now.

I’m trying to keep up with anything interesting on the fashion front as well, although my time to do so is currently limited. I managed to get to some of the Hump Day Madness specials and  the Car Wash Cart Sale yesterday. I landed on what I think of as the “main” Car Wash sim and was pretty underwhelmed over what I found. Then I went over the bridge to the other sim…and wow…Ingenue, A-Bomb, Artelliri, HeartSick, Ear Candy and more. Definitely worth spending some time over on that side of the sale! For those who aren’t familiar with this event, all items on the carts are $10L and lower. Items below that are from the Car Wash Cart sale are indicated as such.

Above: HyperCulture Loose Summer Dress Hump Day Madness Special, HeartSick Aether Halo Skin from Car Wash Cart Sale, Ingenue Shoes from Car Wash Cart Sale, L0Q Aura Hair. Pose by NSA.

Above: HeartSick Top from Car Wash Cart Sale, Ingenue Skirt from Car Wash Cart Sale,  DbT Shoes from  Car Wash Cart Sale, Mango!Mango! Honey Bee Pale Skin from Hump Day Madness.  Pose by LAP.

Below is an outfit that I got a few days ago  at Prelude’s sale, and hadn’t had a chance to blog yet.

Above: Prelude Dress (Hat included), Ingenue Hair (NOT from Car Wash Cart Sale…this is from the discount room at Ingenue’s mainstore), Before Sleep Skin from Car Wash Cart Sale,  Coolesta Madrid Stiletto Shoes. Pose by LAP.

Pout (Summer of Love Fair)

So, the Summer of Love Fair was supposed to have a preview for participating bloggers tonight. I teleported over there after getting the notice, and promptly fell through the sky and landed on the ground…somewhere (I’m not allowed to tell just where). There was a building nearby and I went in. I think I was in someone’s home (sorry!). Then I walked towards the next building I saw, but apparently I stumbled upon some private land and got the automated warning that I better get lost quick or else. Two people were nearby and one said hi to me. I apologized for intruding and hit the teleport again. This time I landed beside a blinking ban line that said I wasn’t allowed to access the parcel. Looking on the map, I saw an area nearby where a lot of people were gathering, but I was not allowed to go there. So I went home and pouted, for a while. Because it’s been THAT KIND OF DAY. In real life too. I won’t go into that. But I will remind you that the fair is opening to the general public very soon, and promises to have some great items available from some of Second Life’s best and most popular shops, and the whole point is to raise awareness about mental health, which is such an important issue. I have gotten a few preview pieces…in fact, I was wearing some of the items when I attempted to get to the blogger event…so, here’s a peak while I pout!

Alexchol Bellini Shorts in Blue,  Summerland Tank Top in Pink, Sea Breeze Bikini Top (all will be available at the Summer of Love Fair!)
Not from fair: Bang Bang Scorned Skin, Gos Espadrilles in Fuchsia (this color is on special!), Lamb Sleepyhead Hair in Blood Fruit. Pose by  LoveSick.


The following two pictures feature some recent freebies (hunt items, group gifts and in-store freebies).

Above: SD Wears In Bloom Dreamer Gown – Shell Hunt at store. Also featured: Kiwi Karen Hair in Rust (I think this was a hunt gift but not sure), Imabee Umeko Strawberry Pie Skin (group gift).

Above: Shush White Jeans Classic (freebie in store), loveme Flat Shoes Gacha in Black Rainbow (not free, from Albero Summer Gacha Festival), Epoque Hair London Import III (not free; on sale for $50L), Fore Classic Black Tunic (free gift to group members, join subscribo in-store and check notices), jewelry by Dark Mouse (not free, and not one of the items on the $1L sidewalk sale, but go check that out!!).