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Brief update and Seasons Hunt

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I have a little project I’m working on that is taking up most of my time in SL. I’m very excited about it, and I hope to be able to post some more information about it soon.

I did take some time off to do the Seasons Hunt, and it has been a pleasant hunt experience. Very few of the hunt objects were hidden in difficult places (in fact, many of them were extremely obvious).

There was one store (name withheld) that I completely avoided because it is huge and,  in  a previous hunt, the owner(s)/management  made it extremely difficult to find their gift (which IMO ended up not being worth the time everyone had to invest to find it). There were a few others I didn’t do because I knew the gift was something I wasn’t interested in.

Overall, the quality of the items is really good on this hunt. Yes, there are some gimmicky  autumn-related things, but mostly the gifts are  wearable and usable items, nicely designed, and many qualifying for a permanent spot in your inventory.  Special kudos to Ingenue (for a very cute dress) and LISP Bazaar (for a very nice set of two easy chairs with the typical LISP attention to quality and detail). There are others that I should likely mention as well, so let me just add that if you’re thinking of doing a hunt, this is a good one to go for. The aggravation factor is low (with just a few exceptions), and the prizes are more than worth the time you’ll likely put into it. Here’s a link to the official hunt blog.


Yes, another Hair Fair post (freebies!)

Like many of you I braved the lag and went to Hair Fair this weekend. I still haven’t made it to the booths for some of my favorite brands. I was pleasantly surprised to see how many freebies were available at the fair.

fri.day’s gift box includes not only three hair samples, but also a white cami, a teal hoodie (with hood up and hood down versions), and a nice pair of boot cut blue jeans. The shoes are Shiny Things Zimmy Flats in Faded Denim (I no longer have the SLURL).

The skin in both the picture above and the picture below is a promotional skin from &bean created to commemorate the fair, and it’s only $10L at &bean‘s shap.

Aamacci’s goodie bag included several colors of six different styles, three male and three female. Two of the male styles could also be worn by female avatars (see above). Blouse is a weekend dollarbie from Petunia.

Poses in both pictures are from !Bang!, and the pictures were taken in Modest House’s Plum Cottage.

BoHo HoBo #2: boho fashion

Recapping from my earlier post: I went to BoHo HoBo earlier this week after reading about the shop on Alicia Chenaux’s blog.> I absolutely fell in love with the clothes, and proceeds go to community-based education in Pakistan and Afghanistan, especially focused on girls, via the Central Asia Institute. Yesterday I blogged about a yummy crushed velvet frock coat and a coordinating mini dress…today I’m focusing on separates.

Above is the BoHo Hobo Boatneck T in Olive and the BoHo HoBo Teal Quark Leggings with Hip Scarf.
Also featured: Ploom Ashly Hair in Carrot Cake,$GaNKeD$ Suri Jewelry Set in Peacock, Loveme Flat Shoes in Blue from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival and Pacadi Skin Hypnose in Apple 1a. Pose by Glitterati

Above: BoHo Hobo Banjara Long Skirt and Halter. Also featured: $GaNKeD$ Lovely Hair in Cherry, Mariposa Jewels Augmentation Bracelet in Black/Pink (free), Loveme Flat Shoes in Pink Cotton Candy from the Alberno Summer Gatcha Festival, SIGMA Jewels Inlay Pendant in Mauve, and Cupcakes Embrace Cameo June Skin. Pose by LAP

A picture’s worth a thousand words…

So here’s just three: sale, free, sale. Details below the photos.

Fine handmade jewelry in real life is a combination of skill and talent. Dark Mouse‘s jewelry creations in SL, in my opinion, are authentic representations of the fine handcrafted jewelry experience. The four pictures above highlight pieces I’ve gotten from her collection.

Recently, I learned that Dark Mouse has not been showing up correctly in SL search, and visits to the store have dropped dramatically in recent months. I believe that the SL fashion experience has been greatly enhanced by the work of creative artists like Mouse Mimistrobell. She’s currently holding a sale on some of her older stock – marked down to $50L and $100L – so rush over to Dark Mouse and pick up on some truly lovely jewelry.

I’ve paired the Dark Mouse jewelry with the new Pixel Dolls tops – available for free in one color for a limited time. The hair in all the pictures is from KC Hair, which is having a fantastic sale – $15L per color pack and an incredible $30L per fat pack!

…and I go retro

When I heard that L’Abel was having a 50% off sale, I just could not wait to get over there and pick up a few choice items. I love the retro styling of Ivalde and L’Abel…well, I just love retro clothing period. Dresses range from about $125L to $200L and separates from about $30L to $75L. There are some formal gowns available as well.

This ivory lace top went particularly well with some Vive9 pants I had in inventory.

Skin: JeSyLiLo JESY Free Gift skin Pale*J2
Shoes: Duh@ Spring Flats in Parchment from Strawberry Festival
Hair: Fri.day Anna in Passionate Red
Vive9 Legal Attention Pants in Chocolate
L’Abel Malin Antik Shirt
Pose by dfo

I loved the romantic styling of this deep maroon brocade dress.

Skin: Nova Gloss
Shoes: Mielle Sculpted Shoe in Black
Hair: Bellissimo Wendy in Red
Jewelry: *KK* Jane Pink Pearl Necklace and Earrings
Dress: L’Abel Laikai Maroon Dress
Pose by Dieslworks

The retro styling of this Clawtooth Hair on special this last week went well with these outfits. I liked the casual, playful mood of this vest and skirt set.

Skin: JeSyLiLo JESY Free Gift skin Pale*J4
Shoes: +YUZUKAMIYA + Ribbon Sandals
Hair: Clawtooth Velvet Moon in Delicious Wine
Vest and Skirt: Caitlin Red Vest and Skirt Set
Pose by LAP

Romantic retro

Finding some bottoms to go with this new retro-influenced Madeline Top in Teal from Pixel Dolls (available at the main store) was a bit of a challenge, but the Ivalde Misha Black Leggings in my inventory fit perfectly with the top.

Skin: Filthy Girl AQ Filthy Glam in Dusk, Hair: Magika Kaylee Hair in Auburn,  Necklace: Mynerva Victoian Cog Necklace ($10L Special at Black and Blue Fair), Pose by estetica