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Ivalde and L’Abel with two sides of Lamb

Neferia Abel is one of the most consistent fashion designers in SL as far as vision and style, IMO. For those who don’t know, Neferia has two brands…Ivalde is pure vintage and historical styles, and L’Abel is contemporary clothing that usually has a vintage influence.  Each brand is included in a featured event this week. For Fashionably Late, Neferia has featured a delicate grey early 1960s-inspired dress called “Joan” (cue obvious Mad Men reference) under the Ivalde label. For Moody Monday,  L’Abel features a sweet top and capri set that hints at both country and regency influences (put that bodice on a long dress, and you’d pass for one of the Bennett sisters’ friends). I’m personally thrilled to see Neferia tempering the country influences because I haven’t been as thrilled with the “farmer girl” leanings of her latest L’Abel designs in the Summer Country Chic Collection. Hopefully, this is asign that the brand will be moving, at least a little, away from that.

Matched with these outfits are some high-quality freebies. Run, don’t walk, to Lamb and pick up the two freebie hair fatpacks available for a limited time.  The Lindsay Angel Pale skin was a Lucky Board prize at Mambo Chic.

Poses by Still Life.



Vintage memories from Whippet and Buck

Whippet and Buck is a Second Life brand for which I have gradually developed a great appreciation.Many of the store’s pieces reflect vintage influences. When I was putting together this outfit, I thought of the period around the turn of the 20th century…Gibson Girls and the movie “Somewhere in Time.” All my avi needs is a bustle and a longer skit, perhaps some lace up boots instead of the pumps, and she’s so there!

W&B Claven Lace Blouse, featured exclusive item at W&B’s LE.LOOK  store
W&B Victoria High Waist Pencil Skirt, Stumblebum item from W&B’s mainstore

Also featured:  Mango!Mango! Fresh Vamp Skin, Gos Platform Pump, Happy Finds Vintage Flower Necklace, ploom Dusty Beehive Hair in Cinnamon. Pose by o’m.

It’s cooler in the dark…

Come join me in the shadows; it’s much cooler over here.

I looked all over the place for hats with attached face veils, and wow, they are hard to find in SL. And, once you have one, they are hard to position correctly!

HatPins Lady Lilly Cocktail Hat with Veil.  The Sea Hole Who Ate Dress Dark Eve (free gift).  Amacci Hair Janet in Brown. Stockings are from an unknown vendor; in my inventory. Atomic Bambi Apple Skin SunBlush Ocean (GSH gift).  Pose by Glitterati.

In-world groups worth joining: Ivalde/L’Abel

Every month, Ivalde has a free group gift, usually a dress. For June the gift was this pretty red strapless dress with the floral detail in front. Ivalde carries mainly vintage costumes but the group gift is usually something that can be worn in a contemporary setting. I don’t think they’ve ever done a free gift from the L’Abel side, but I am always hopeful (especially after seeing the drool-worthy new spring collection!)

Ivalde June Group Gift (Amanda in Red). Clawtooth True Betty Hair in Uptown Brown. Dark Mouse Vintage 50’s Diamond Pearl Jewelry in Gold. Atomic Bambi Apple Skin SunBlush Ocean (GSH gift). Pose by Glitterati.

Icing’s vintage looks

I love it when I find a new store, or rediscover a store that I haven’t been to in a while. I was hunting around for vintage-inspired fashion and peeked into Icing recently. This pretty, delicate dress was irresistible! I love the sweetheart neckline and the flair of the skirt.

Above: Vanity Hair Bonnie Hair in Auburn, AZE Designs Jupiter Pearl Necklace and Earings in Gold, Basevi Moda Stiletto Sandals Bow in Olive Yellow,  Cupcakes Icon Honey Tangerine Skin,Icing Demura Dress. Pose by Glitterati

But wait! It gets even better! There’s a freebies section with three dresses and some accessories.

Here’s one of the freebie dresses below.

I Love Olive Blow Hair in Auburn, Chuchulet Apoc Necklace in Turquoise ($1L), Color Changing Wooden Wedge Shoes from Icing (free), Petit Baiser Dress from Icing (Free), Cupcakes Icon Skin in  Honey Tangerine. Pose by DieselWorks

I <3 vintage styles

There are very few eras in fashion that I really don’t like (I didn’t think I’d ever come to be nostalgic for the clothing of the 1980’s but even those styles now appeal to me again). So it comes as no surprise that I love finding Vintage styles in SL…vintage from just about any era. While checking out the sales on Second Style Island this last weekend, I came upon a lovely dress at Ingenue in a beautiful rose pink. And while searching to find bottoms for some of the great tops I’d picked up at the Black and Blue Fair (see note below), I found this great batik skirt on XStreetSL.com. The designer has a number of similar skirts at very reasonable prices.

Left –  Shoes: Maitreya Group Gift Pumps in Tawny (join subscribo for a pack of basic pumps in many colors), Skin: Angie Gift Skin from Second Style Island, Hair: Posh Push and Shove Hair in Carrot (former Project Themeory), Dress: Ingenue Ella Rose, on sale at Second Style Island

Right – Shirt: Exodi Imani Tee in Indigo (from Black and Blue Fair), Shoes: BM Stiletto Sandals Bow Olive Yellow, Skin: Angie Gift Skin from Second Style Island, Hair: Posh Viscous hypnosis hair in ash red (past Project Themeory), Skirt: Batik Skirt in Koi from XStreetSL
Pose from Honey and Vinegar (new store, individual poses $15L)

Note on the Black and Blue Fair-I understand there was some controversy this weekend over whether or not people misunderstood and believed that it  was a fund-raising event for charity. I apologize for any misconception my own posts may have caused. In regards to the one mental health charity that I did highlight, please note that there was an item at the fair which spotlighted this charity (the To  Write Love on Her Arms tattoo). I simply wanted to take the opportunity to also spotlight this (IMO) very worthy group.  There was information about other groups at the fair as well (like the hotlines) but this was done (at least, I think this was done) in a very low key informational manner.

I  hope that the effort to raise awareness about mental health issues will continue in Second Life.  I would love to also see fundraisers for groups like To Write Love on Her Arms!